In the Amur region burned a village

In the Amur region in the village Tygda Magdagachi area burned 65 houses. According to the latest regional EMERCOM, left homeless 120. When parsing the burned buildings was found the dead body of a woman born in 1937. Another woman born in 1935 received third-degree burns and was hospitalized in serious condition in intensive care village hospital, where she died. Two more residents Tygda sought medical care due to existing heart problems.

The fire broke out on April 20 on the outskirts of the village in the sawmill. In this case, according to the MES, a transformer broke out almost simultaneously in a mechanized unit. Wind gusts up to 20-25 meters per second, contributed to the rapid spread of fire, which spread to the house and outbuildings.

Later in the afternoon the wind, which contributed to the spread of flame, verse, which greatly facilitated the work of firefighters and villagers helped them, the fire was contained.

Fire victims accommodated in the township club. Resolved issues on people with hot meals, drinking water. If the survivors of severe stress, need help doctors in the village expanded points of care.

"With the affected population psychologists EMERCOM of Russia on the Amur region, the Center of emergency psychological help Far Eastern branch, settlement Magdagachi — said Head of MES of Russia in the Amur region Victor Harbor. — People have experienced severe stress, some customized unfriendly. According to experts, it is a normal reaction of people in this situation. To provide psychological support, we deployed items for emergency psychological help at the club, at the railway station, one more — in the HQ. "

On the same day, a meeting of the Amur Region Governor Oleg Kozhemyako with the residents of the village.

To extinguish the fire were attracted 417 people, including the MES — 184 people, 36 vehicles, seven aircraft and 14 tankers, five vodovozok, three trains firefighters, one emergency recovery train. There is an ongoing pouring burnt areas. The fire did not affect the schedule of the railway, the movement did not stop.

From Khabarovsk to the Mi-26 in the operative group flew Tygda Far Eastern regional center with the head of Alexander Soloviev. C followed by 30 lifeguards, five psychologists Center of emergency psychological aid of the Far Eastern Branch.

In the Amur region last night of the Trans-Baikal region flew amphibious aircraft Be-200. In case of deterioration of the forest fire situation, aircraft will be brought to extinguish the fire. In the Amur region flies Deputy Emergency Situations of Russia Alexander Chupriyan, experts flew from Khabarovsk Far Eastern regional center.

In the wake of the fire situation in the area of personnel firefighters, rescue teams, emergency department chief of Russia on the Amur region alerted number 1.

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