In the country club settled ghosts?


Svetlana Martynets, head of the club: "The building is very old at all. Architect. There used to be a church school, then the children's home, then school, I also studied there. And now it is building the club from us."


Few of the residents Aleksandno Nevsky (Bagansky district, Novosibirsk region) knows that this is one of the buildings from which, in fact, the beginning of the story Baganskogo district. It was built in the 19th century, when the Stolypin reform in Siberia flooded settlers. Children need to be taught. And there really was originally housed a parochial school. But this building holds another story. During World located here orphanage.

Irina Subach, employee of the club: "They say that once in the cellar, where there was a children's home, the children starved to death and their bodies were stored in the cellar. There was no one to bury, because in the village were only women and children. "

In the spring, when the ground thawed, accidents, of course, were buried. But locals believe — their souls are still in the old house. They say the room is often unexplained things — someone walks drops items sighs …

This information has an interest in the Novosibirsk research group "Kosmopoisk." Her supervisor he Putilkin sure in places where there are brutal murder or long are restless body, unexplained things happen.

Ilya Putilkin, head of the research group "Novosibirsk — Kosmopoisk": "The information is certainly interesting enough. Very rare in the Novosibirsk Region anything like that. We rarely have to go somewhere. Soon we plan to make an expedition there to instrument measurements, to conduct a survey. "

The results of the hunt for ghosts still difficult to predict. But even if the researchers did not find anything extraordinary, country legend will still live.


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