In the Dynamics, a new simulator parachutist

Specialists CSTS "Dynamics" is designed parachute simulator that allows for the preparation of paratroopers to the real pole at different heights adjustable speeds and wind directions in the day and night, in rain and snow, with cloud cover to 10 points, landing on different underlying surface ( plain, forest, mountain-hilly terrain, etc.).

The simulator is designed to develop basic skills management parachute training right action in an emergency, improving students' psychological stability to various stressful situations that may arise during the actual jumps of the "Crossbow".

The structure of the simulator are:

· Workplace learner;

· Workplace instructor;

· Virtual reality helmet, including 3D stereo glasses, the tracker;

— web-camera;

· Computer system;

· Software.

In current practice, training of parachutists simulator training is given increasing importance. This is due to the fact that modern simulators are an effective and relatively inexpensive means of training that provides the required quality and regularity of ground training. In addition, the technical level of modern simulators can provide highly realistic playing the main elements of the flight paratroopers, from the moment they leave the aircraft until landing at a given point.

The simulator, developed in the "Dynamics", designed for a wide range of applications and can become an indispensable tool for training paratroopers Airborne paratroopers, Emergency Situations Ministry, Interior Ministry, border guards, Avialesookhrana, students, flying clubs, etc.

Parachute simulator created in CSTS "Dynamics" in cooperation with "constant-Design". 


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