In the helicopter package for Afghanistan parties agreed to supply 24 Mi-17

Terms of the deal Russia and NATO "helicopter" package to supply the Afghan army Mi-17 agreed upon contract will be signed before the end of March, according to "Kommersant".

According to the newspaper, which refers to the sources, "we are talking about 24 cars, and three helicopters Russia is ready to provide free of charge."

Earlier it was reported that the "helicopter" package covers the supply 21 Mi-17.

According to "Kommersant", "financing the purchase of helicopters themselves will be no NATO and the United States."

In regard to the financing of maintenance of machines, then last year it was decided to establish a NATO trust fund to make in the next month.

"Out of it will be financed by the creation of the repair base and training center for Afghan pilots, the supply of fuel, spare parts and weapons. The exact size of the fund will be determined after the NATO countries will make a personal contribution to it "- said the" Kommersant ".

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