In the North Artek (Magadan region). Developing sports infrastructure

August 15, Children and Youth Wellness "North Artek" sports festival was held on the opening of a football field with artificial turf.

Applause greeted the guys offer regional head Nikolai Dudova hold on the basis of "Northern Artek" Olympics of-town summer camps.

Football field — a gift of the regional administration for the 65th anniversary camp, which was celebrated in July.

In the near future in the "North Artek" will be a multipurpose sports pitch. Modern mini complex with self-leveling coating will allow the game of basketball and volleyball for exercise in a safe environment. In addition, the center will be children's playgrounds. Funds for all structures allocated by the regional administration.

Two years ago, the administration of the region bought the Children and Youth Centre "Artek North" at the regional association of trade unions. In 2010 began large-scale reconstruction. In the summer of rest here before thousands of children and adolescents Magadan region.

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