In the skies over the Bryansk appeared strange circles

January 25, 2013 21:44

A pair of rotating concentric circles seen in the sky over Moscow allegedly neighborhoods last night, January 25. "Unidentified Flying Object" even photographed and filmed on video. Evidence of "contact" on the internet, and less than a day UFO photos and video collected several hundred comments. Opinions are divided, but mostly Bryantsev tend to think that the circles in the sky — it's a meteor or a reflection from lights or lighting stores.

Meteorological version we immediately denied Bryansk Weather Service director Tamara Dubrovin. And then the publication "Our Bryansk.Ru" asked for comments to the main experts in the sky in our city — in Bryansk planetarium. That's what we said Love Hlebuscheva, Methodist lecture on the work: "Judging by the photos of the heavenly phenomena observed optical phenomenon — a halo. It usually appears around the sun or moon. There are many types of halos, but they are mostly caused by ice crystals in cirrus clouds at a height of 5-10 km in the upper troposphere. View of the observed halo depends on the shape and arrangement of crystals. Reflection and refraction of light by ice crystals often into a spectrum that does look like a rainbow halo, but the halo in low light has a small color, due to the peculiarities of twilight vision. Yesterday, January 24, 2013, on the Bryansk was snow. And perhaps snowflakes refract light, the source of which could be street lights, spotlights lighting stores. A similar phenomenon occurred in December last year in Turkey over Ankara. "

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