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January 24, 2013 0:13

"Komsomolskaya Pravda" has introduced its readers with the content of the secret "blue pack" that the Soviet KGB was collected papers unidentifiable flying objects. Then it was about the end of the 80's, but it turns out, is not the KGB showed curiosity in UFOs, and much earlier, when Yuri Andropov.

Igor Sinitsyn was his assistant from 1973 to 1979. He is now completing work on the book "Andropov close. Reminiscences and Reflections of a time thaw and stagnation. "

It has an interesting story about how the then members of the Soviet Politburo interested "flying saucers." An excerpt from the book, we offer readers today. + + + "One day, looking through the foreign press, I came in the popular West German weekly" Stern "in a series of articles about unidentified flying objects — UFOs … I dictated to a stenographer in Russian distillation of them and with the magazine carried the Chairman (Andropov). True, I was afraid that in the spirit of the time he laugh at me, or worse, considers the psyche of his assistant is not quite adequate. When I put my note and magazines to Yu, he quickly flipped through the material. Then carefully examined each illustration in a magazine. After some thought, he suddenly pulled out of a drawer some thin folder. It was known that in the box he kept various papers and magazines that contained "food for thought".

With the words "Honor a minute now!" He handed me a folder. In the folder was a report to the President of one of the officers of the KGB 3rd Department, that is, military counterintelligence. Attached to a small piece of paper the certificate of the officer reported that the author of the report was transferred to work in the KGB of the bomber regiment, where he rose to the position of navigator Squadron. So, this was a man who knew astronomy and all there professional niceties like: bearings, moving speed of aircraft and so on. He reported to the Chairman of one inexplicable phenomena observed during the holidays. Leave your officer held in Astrakhan and often went in the boat with friends and family in the Volga floodplain fishing. One night they were on the big boat out into the wide mouth of the great river.

The sky was cloudless, twinkling stars. Next counterintelligence wrote that one of the stars suddenly began to flare up brighter and brighter, as if it is rapidly approaching the Earth. Indeed, after a few seconds the star, but in the form of a bright luminous plates, around which was visible rotating halo, stopped at a height determined by the navigator about five hundred meters above sea level. Its diameter, as he believed, was about 50 meters. That is the size of the UFO was about half a football field. All fishermen fear fall to the bottom of his boat, and the officer, lying down, continued to observe a strange phenomenon. He saw from the center of the UFO came two bright beam. One of the beams rose vertically to the surface of the water and stared at her. The other beam, like a searchlight, searched the area of water around the boat. Suddenly he stopped, highlighting the craft. Shine a him a few more seconds, the beam is turned off.

Along with him went out and a second vertical beam. After the "saucer" was rapidly climbing up and in less than two seconds will turn back into a normal star in the sky. I was particularly struck by the speed of movement of the object described by an expert in their field, the navigator. First, just a second or two it has evolved from a small sprocket to a large aircraft, and then — as the rapid rise is clearly beyond the stratosphere. Andropov, noticing that I had finished reading this letter, apart from the regular paper, which looked and asked: — What do you think about this? I said that an officer of the 3rd Department probably will not lie to the President. Especially since the author of the letter was not afraid to report on all the circumstances of night fishing, which show clearly — the company is clearly poachers. Yu thought for a moment.

— That's what — he decided. I now call Andrei Pavlovich Kirilenko and told him the matter, as the Chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission. If he is interested, then you have to take him the whole collection together with the letter. It was seven o'clock of a summer evening. Andropov called for "Kremlevka" dacha Andrei Pavlovich. Kirilenko was at home. Chairman of the MIC information from the lips of the President of the KGB was very interested … I went to the recliner, in which sat the Chairman MIC. He offered me a handshake firm palm. — Take a chair. Sit down and show that you have there. I gave him all the materials. First, he read a report the officer aside I wrote a page.

Then looked through one of the rooms, "Stern". — Interesting! — He responded. — A magazine articles detail put you? .. I translated it from German materials from the "Stern". Kirilenko listened carefully. In the midst of reading ran to his grandchildren, he evicted them from the terrace and then listened with interest on UFOs. — Can I leave all this? — He asked, when I had finished translating. But most of all he was interested in 'report Officer 3rd Department to find some familiarity with the subject of the observations set out in it. Kirilenko did not express a shadow of doubt as to the fact of the appearance of UFOs over smoothly Volga. Did not reject the threshold sightings of "flying saucers", described in the "Stern". He obviously has not adhered to the view of some academics, including "defense industry" that the media tried to obscure the essence of the issue and put it in a supposedly random game of light rays in the atmosphere.

— So this is an unclassified documents? Can I leave them? — He asked. — Yuri for this and sent me … — I replied. — Well, well! .. — From the bottom of the chair arm reached out to say goodbye … "+ + + From the Files of" KP "Igor Eliseevich Sinitsyn was born in 1932 in Moscow. Writer and journalist. He worked in the Information Bureau, then in APN. In the years 1973-1979 — member of the Central Committee of the CPSU, Assistant Andropov. Then again left in APN political columnist. In collaboration with his wife wrote a trilogy of "Together with Russia" on Russian intelligence agent who worked in the Austrian General Staff during World War II, and the novel "God's mercy, we, Nicholas II …". + + + Igor Sinitsyn: Documents back to V. — And what is the same, Igor Eliseevvich, the fate of this folder? Kirilenko "successfully" lost it or gave the move? — The more I saw her. But do not think I lost a folder. Rather, she eventually ended up in operational and tactical management of the KGB, who worked there experts have found it to good use.

— And if there was in the then KGB department that's doing such weird things? — Recently saw a book by a former intelligence officer Lollius Zamoyski UFOs, but I do not know whether he "flying saucer" on its own initiative or on orders from above. — What attracts Andropov personally topic UFO? It was a simple curiosity or he did in this matter was a pragmatist? — Unidentified flying objects attracted him more as a natural phenomenon. Generally V. interest to many: when he was sick, could not read a day to 400 pages. — And he believed in the supernatural? Was Yuri believer? — No, he was still an atheist, but not violent, like Khrushchev, for example. + + + God brought to us by aliens Cosmonaut Georgy Grechko spotted "flying saucer" on the icon of the "Annunciation"

— I think the aliens really are in the world. But for a long time — I've never believed in "flying saucers." I've read a lot about them, talking to witnesses, but evidence for the existence of UFOs have been inconclusive. It seems like people have seen a UFO, and then it turned out that in fact it was a missile or a crane that was working at night, — said one of the most famous cosmonaut Georgy Grechko. — Another common story — the wife tells her husband that she was taken at night by aliens, and then she got pregnant from them … I myself was an astronaut, he flew. Why did I somehow did not see them? But last year, Georgy went to London and visited the National Gallery.

— Carlo Crivelli cloth immediately caught my attention — says astronaut. — The idea of a Biblical Annunciation — Mary is the archangel Gabriel and reports the good news that she will be the mother of baby Jesus. Georgy pulls out a drawer reproduction of the "Annunciation" Crivelli. In the picture in 1494 the artist has depicted the story this way: Mary sits alone in his house, it is directed beam with a cloud, and the angel Gabriel tells you something on the street with a woman.

— Beam moves away from any object in the clouds — says Grechko. — In form it resembles nothing more than a "flying saucer." Round, with multiple levels and with windows (in the picture instead of the windows painted cherubs). I thought — why the author has depicted object in the sky looked like a "flying saucer"? I have one answer — he saw this object sky. Most likely, the people at that time met a "flying saucer", and explained what he saw the existence of the cherubim. — Do you mean that the Annunciation — it is not a divine phenomenon, arriving aliens? — It turns out that God sends information to UFOs.

When I arrived in Moscow, he immediately got in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior icon "Annunciation." It also shows a strange object in the sky, from which the beam to the Virgin Mary. And he is also very reminiscent of "flying saucer" — the same layered circles. It is quite possible that the biblical story in some way really connected with unidentified flying objects. Now I think that the aliens really are in the world. But for a long time.

By Anna Eroshova

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