In the TyumenNIIgiprogaze experienced a unique setting for APG processing

At the pilot plant "TyumenNIIgiprogaz" successfully passed the test of a unique set nadfakelnoy UT-1 for utilization of associated petroleum gas. It was developed by a research institute of ecology and natural resource management in conjunction with the center dekontamaterialov TyumGASU. As the North-Press, the installation allows utilization of associated gas to produce heat energy that can be directed at different targets. For example, for heating of residential and industrial buildings, structures, and address environmental concerns. Analogues such facility exists.

As the author of the design, the center's director dekontamaterialov TyumGASU Victor Ryadinsky, gas flaring has a few problems: first, an expensive resource is wasted, and secondly, pollute the natural environment. Both of these issues are solved by installing nadfakelnoy. "The device allows for twenty to forty times to reduce the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere. Moreover, the installation is inexpensive and so easy to use that it can be used in remote locations where uneconomical to build a gas turbine stations and reprocessing plants. It can be mounted within two months. Given a hundredfold increase in the fine for the burning of more than five percent of APG from 1 January 2012, the installation will pay off in an average year, "- he commented.

Head of the Research Institute of Ecology and Natural Resources Julia Denecke added that the technology can be used in greenhouses and recreational facilities, "Using the heat exchanger, it is possible to build a sauna, swimming pool. Alternatively, the year-round growing vegetables in greenhouses." In addition, this setting can be throughout the year to use the patented method of microbiological decontamination of oil sludge under the torch. According to the expert, oil sludge and contaminated land usually can be restored only in the summer: the bacteria are working only above ten degrees. The heat from the torch can do it even in the winter.

According to Victor Ryadinskaya, now under preparation and registration of permits — required certificates, specifications, passports. Nadfakelnyh mass production installations. Major oil companies are already showing interest in this technology, with some negotiating to supply the hardware, — the "Right to Energy."

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