In the village of Primorsky Krai Borisovka apple blossom

In the village Borisovka come spring. It suddenly mistress of a house blossomed apple tree.

Olga Luchinkin addressed to our office with a request to explain why the tree confused the autumn to the spring?

Olga Luchinkin ready to inhale the scent all day. What other neighbors in early September boasts that in his garden in bloom tree?

Before 5-year old apple tree any special merit was not allocated — bloomed on time and gave a small crop rennet: "She blossomed as expected and the apples were. And in June, she began to drop leaves. Apples alone remained. Now look, admire — flowers! "

Flowers-in-law found Olga. At first they were few, but the next day there was another. Then the owner of the tree decided to consult specialists with the question: what to expect from such an anomaly?

Head of fruit nursery Sergey Makarevich to re bloom calmly. In my practice, have often encountered such a phenomenon. That's in their area is not found then the flowers and berries of honeysuckle. This plant can produce fruit up to three times a year. It turns out that the solution lies in the peculiarities coastal climate: "In August, lack of precipitation, night setback. And the buds that have to harvest, leave in peace, and life fades. But come September, and in Primorye it moist and warm — and starts blooming. "

A few days in Primorye 150 millimeters of rain fell, a quarter of the annual rate, and after the thermometer again become good high rates. That's why fruit trees and shrubs in bloom again. Even grapes outta his rhythm: "The bunch of educated young stepson. Of course, it does not ripen. But the fruit is. If we'd had a long warm autumn, would be the second crop. "

Much harm to the plant from re-bloom, says Sergey, no. You can simply cut the flowers. The following year, the trees will bloom again in the usual way — that is, in the spring.

Anna Marinets

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