In the Voronezh region extended storm warning because of the heat

Rescuers extended for another three days, declared in the Voronezh region because of abnormal heat storm warning, reports GUMCHS the region.

Rescuers have been extended until Sunday announced on Wednesday storm warning in the heat. MOE now extended it for another three days.

"In the period up to August 8 in the Voronezh region is expected to abnormally hot weather, with the average daily temperature for seven to ten degrees above normal," — said in a statement.

On some days the temperature is expected to rise to 39 degrees.

Also in the area is declared a fourth class are burning (high fire danger) and introduced a special fire regime barring entry to the forest and camp fires.

Rescuers say that the heat can lead to the neglect, loss of efficiency and error-staff at the facilities with an increased risk of accidents. Also increases the probability of growth of major accidents on the roads of the region and the railway tracks.

GUMCHS asked not to swim in Voronezh unequipped areas and, where possible, to protect themselves from heat stroke: when working in the sun should periodically to rest in the shade, swim or pour cold water, drink plenty of fluids and do not go out without a hat.

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