In the world’s best restaurant poisoned more than 60 people

More than 60 people have complained of symptoms of food poisoning after visiting the restaurant Noma in Copenhagen, which is the best in the world by the British magazine Restaurant.



According to health authorities in Denmark, for vomiting and diarrhea complained 63 of 78 people who visited the restaurant during the period from February 12 to 16, and several employees of establishments.

Now finally it is not known what caused the outbreak of the disease. Nutritional Survey of Denmark adhere to the version that the food was contaminated with a healthy-worker carrying the infection.

Noma is the third year tops the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world. Restaurant guide apologized to victims visitors.

"It is foolish and failed"

Veterinary and Food Administration of Denmark reported the incident on Friday, having checked in the restaurant after receiving complaints from visitors.

Restaurant administration had to answer questions about why they did not immediately have informed the authorities about customer complaints. The restaurant explained the delay in poor internal communication.

"With this procedure turned silly and unfortunate. A man who does not know Danish, received an email and redirected it to one of my colleagues, who because of the weekend could not read it," — said the representative of Noma Peter Kreiner.

According to some, one of the staff Noma complained of vomiting after contact with the products.

Supervisors demanded that the restaurant be disinfected. At Noma also promised to fix oneDinner is $ 260

The restaurant, which opened in 2004, prides itself on its attention to detail and commitment to using fresh, local produce.

Noma chef Rene Redzepi restaurant called "the flagship of the new northern cuisine." The restaurant featured unexpected ingredients — for example, moss and ants.

Standard dinner at Noma without drinks costs 1,500 Danish kroner ($ 260), and a place in this restaurant is often booked for months to come.

Once in 2010 for the first time Noma was named best restaurant in the world, prices have increased substantially in it. In this case, the Red Michelin Guide Noma is estimated at two stars out of three possible.

from sinks in the kitchen, in which, as it turned out, there was no hot water.

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