In Ukraine, the researchers got to the village to anomalous phenomena



These days a "ghost village" Little Bugayka (Sumy region) held a research foray researchers of anomalous phenomena.

This old woman when she was 8 years old (1938), permanently physically beat the evil spirit, poltergeist,

a twin sister and an even smaller sister — do not touch him. Anna Martinenko never revealed his secret (still afraid).

Enthusiasts have finally managed to draw public attention to the mysteries of the village disappeared forever: it employs an expedition led by the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, professor of the Kyiv International University Alexei Transition channel TV-3 (Moscow) takes a full story on the local anomalies.

Recall Sumy village of Malaya Bugayka disappeared from the face of the earth in 1950. In his memory, there were numerous memories of indigenous people, which is very often mentioned some mysterious and mystical events. A modern researchers of anomalous phenomena in these parts is not fixed once strange anomalies, such as: unexplained interference and anomalous readings hours, strange behavior of animals, etc.



Cows stubbornly unwilling to go into the village of Az-phantom

It is possible soon, Little Bugayka will be included in the registers of the amazing and mysterious places on our planet, will receive the status of "anomalous zone" where are happening against all the laws of physics amazing things. So far, all of these amazing stories will need to document and present them to the public and interested research communities.

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