In Ukraine, tuberculosis ill nearly a million people

Ukraine consistently holds a leading position in Europe in terms of the spread of tuberculosis. The total number of TB cases in the country could reach one million, the statement said Ukrainians social movement against tuberculosis, World Day hospice and palliative care, which is celebrated on October 8.

"According to official data, the total number of TB patients in Ukraine is 457 thousand people. According to experts, the number of Ukrainian with TB can now reach one million people. Annually from tuberculosis kills more than eight thousand Ukrainians, more than two thousand — from coinfection tuberkuloz-VIL/SNID. Of all deaths from tuberculosis in Ukraine, only one-third die at home, "- said the organization.

Its members call special attention to the need for establishment and operation of palliative care services in the area of health, the implementation of which should be more responsive to this? Category of patients as TB patients in the terminal stage, that is, people with tuberculosis in the last stages of development, which are not can perform a full life, have no chance of recovery, who were sentenced medicine and further symptomatic treatment does not benefit the patient, and only adds to the suffering.

Urgency of the matter determined by the high incidence of tuberculosis, including the prevalence of resistant, high mortality rates, increasing the number of people with co-infection tuberkuloz-VIL/SNID in their final stages of development, requiring less health as social assistance.

The organization noted that in Ukraine, in a very limited number of TB has set up separate wards of palliative care, which hospitalized patients with chronic, chemoresistance and tuberculosis combined with HIV infection in the terminal stage of the disease.

A common feature of most of these houses is that they did not box, located at the base of existing offices to treat TB patients chemoresistance tuberculosis. Given that a big part of Ukraine, the TB hospital in non-typical, old buildings, said the House did not meet sanitary requirements.

Significant problem in palliative and hospice care for tuberculosis patients in the terminal stage is also a lack of specialized training and the training of medical personnel working with this group of patients. Is practically no proper psychological work with the family of TB patients in the terminal stage. And insufficient provision of such chambers equipment.

Recall that in September this year, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned European countries on the growth of TB cases resistant to the drugs.

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