In Warsaw, will speak about Belarus

The presidents of the European countries and the United States plan to, among other things, to discuss the state of democracy in Belarus. Belarusian issue has been on the agenda of the XVII summit of central and eastern Europe, which began today in Warsaw.
The summit was attended by the Presidents 20 European countries, including Lithuania, Germany, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Italy and others. Refused to participate in the meeting of the presidents of Serbia and Romania — in protest against the invitation to the summit of the President of Kosovo, as Belgrade and Bucharest do not recognize the independence of this country.
The main theme of Warsaw calls — transfer of experience of democratic change to other countries, including the states of North Africa.
"We want to talk about the future of democracy, but also on the Polish experience of transition to a democratic regime and freedom. Our experience can be useful for other regions of the world," — said on the eve of the President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski.

Replying to a question whether there will be a joint declaration of the presidents gathered in Warsaw on Belarus, Komorowski said:

Bronislaw Komorowski

"It's hard to talk about the path to democracy and how it affects the European Neighbourhood in Africa and Eastern Europe, not to Belarus."
The Polish side is going to present the priorities of his starshynyavannya in the European Union, which begins July 1 this year. Among the priorities of this — the Eastern Partnership.
In the evening, around 20 pm Minsk time to join the summit, U.S. President Barack Obama, who will meet for the first time with European colleagues in this format.
Meanwhile On Saturday the attention of the American president will focus primarily on the bilateral relations between Warsaw and Washington. Barack Obama will meet with the President, Prime Minister and the leaders of the major political forces in Poland, including members of the opposition.
"Our relations remain good regardless of the political situation in Poland and the United States," — said on the eve of Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

The summit takes place at the Royal Castle in Warsaw

Among the themes of the Polish-American negotiations:
— situation in the world, including in countries where there are U.S. together and Polish military, for example — Afghanistan
— The U.S. military presence on the territory of Poland
— part of U.S. corporations in search on Polish territory shale gas
— status of democracy in Belarus and others.

On Saturday, before flying to the United States, Barack Obama will meet with the relatives of those killed in the crash of the presidential plane near Smolensk in April last Polish politicians, military and public figures.

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