Incubus and succubus


Incubus — so called in medieval Europe evil spirits who visited the women at night and having sex with them. The word "Incubus" comes from the Latin "inkubare", which means "to recline." By the way, from the same word has been formed called "incubator" for the breeding of chickens but naughty incubus-Incubator, of course, has nothing to do. In the old books say that incubus — fallen angels, demons, male, seduce women in their sleep.

One of the first theorists of the incubate was Guillaume Auvergne Bishop of Paris (1180-1249) — in XII century, interest in the subject has grown dramatically. William claimed that demons are not capable of full sexual relationship, but skillfully creates the illusion thereof, and sperm at the same time stealing on the side. How do they do it, the scientist priest says (perhaps a valuable product with incubus on sisterly sharing succubi, previously having obtained it from their lovers?).

Uvorovan seed then incubus "is injected into the woman's womb." As proof of his version of the bishop refers to some Portuguese witches beremenevshih, as he claimed, from the wind. Immediately brings to mind the anecdote of a series of "Armenian radio", "Can a girl get pregnant from dust? — Maybe if the cloud of dust," and at the same time and the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary.

The minutes of the Holy Inquisition with remarkable consistency mentions sexual relations with women being questioned by Satan or one of his deputies. In "Hammer of Witches" — a unique guide for the medieval demonology, compiled in 1487 by Henry Institoris and Jacob Sprenger, said: "… the kind of woman that was joined to the Kingdom of the devil gets his special touch for love. He arranges her wedding, and the other at the same time having fun. This devil is often visited by her, takes her to have sexual relations, and sometimes tells her to do this or that evil … "

It is important to note that many women firmly believed that they were actually entered into a love affair with the devil, and were in union with him. Of course, you can not trust the testimony obtained under torture in the dungeons of the Inquisition, but nevertheless affects a surprising uniformity of this testimony, even matching detyalyah and is virtually unchanged for several centuries the rule of the secret councils of the church

By the 16th century the Church has defined its policy. Confessions obtained under torture, provided many details about the sexual encounters with the "devil." Who gave himself a penalty as a witch in Scotland in the 1660s, Isobel Goudie said: "The devil was cold within me as spring water." It is difficult to determine whether her story is pure imagination, as well as why she confided in her. One way or another, but Isabela killed because of her

While the witches in his testimony during the interrogation under torture in the Holy Inquisition unanimously noted the coldness of semen poured out incubus, demonology puzzled over how to overcome the following contradiction: if the seed is cold and, strictly speaking, is unsuitable for conception, why partner incubus still get pregnant? The result was nominated the following thesis: "The demons are moved so fast that the seed does not have time to cool off completely." That is, were stolen somewhere a couple of grams — and headlong into bed to his beloved wife. One foot here, another there

Many prominent figures of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance were considered offspring of incubus and women. Among them — the commander Dttila, the legendary wizard Merlin. The great reformer Martin Luther Catholic Church-Papists also called the son of an incubus (though he considered the Pope the Antichrist). By the way, the Antichrist can be a stretch to call the son of an incubus. Although there rises above — Jewish girl from a sort of Dan conceived, it is not from any ordinary demon, but from Satan himself.


Besides seducers-incubus, there evil female seduces men, especially monks, elders, hermits. These creatures are not called incubus and succubus or succubi — from the Latin word "sukkubare" — "down under something." There are also mnoochislennye stories about the antics of these alluring creatures.

It was believed that a person can cohabit with a succubus for a long time, and in general, in peace and harmony (which is not true of a lot more windy incubi). For example, the priest Benoit Byrne, who became Witcher and burned at the stake at the age of eighty years of age, admitted during questioning that he lived with a succubus named Hermione for forty years, with the demon remained invisible to others.

In the stories of married life with a succubus from the early Middle Ages in different nations in all keys varies legend of the fairy Melusine-succubus. In general terms, the meaning of it is that the hero meets a girl of great beauty, who becomes his wife and gives him a wonderful offspring. But then tormented by curiosity husband gives his wife a cash ban, which can be quite diverse — not spy on his wife bathing, do not look at it on a certain day of the week etc. Her husband still glances and, horror of horrors sees its beauty in the form of a dragon or a snake, or a siren (poluptitsy-poluzhenschina). Then she disappears for good, and the father of many children, single pours bitter tears. Why not a fairy tale princess — a frog.

Official science adheres to the following terms on the incubus and succubus:
As you know, a long period of abstinence is wet dreams are a natural compensatory mechanism to periodically empty the ways and warning congestion in the genitals. Consequently, the stricter abstinence — the more wet dreams occur and their accompanying erotic dreams, the more intrusive become affection incubus and succubus. We deal with the overflow of erotic experiences in erotic dreams the more distinct, the more experience. Only the national characteristics of poetic consciousness attached to the hero of the dream image of a fiery serpent, the perfect incubus.

But always, if this approach is correct. I will introduce you to a few modern cases narrated ufologist from Volzhski G. Belimovym:

"After the publication of my book" In Touch — other worlds ", which provided details of the unusual contact, including sexual occurring with Tatiana V. Anatolevnoj, I was approached by a resident of the city of the Volga and asked to meet her daughter at which created a similar story. Daughters at the time was 34 years old, on account of four failed marriage, a son 13 years old, but in general, the personal life is not made up.'s mother believes it was because of a creature that does not leave her daughter as sex partner. since in a few years, I'm up to date with Rimma — call so that young woman.

It was found that for the first time Rima felt a presence at the age of 17, soon after she started dating men. It was and still remains a very interesting and sociable woman and knows how to please men.

But first, it should be noted that Rima from childhood had some special qualities: it often and with pleasure flying in dreams. Moreover, the dreams, the flights were varied, sometimes in a completely unfamiliar places, like on another planet, and often over water. Often flights provoked anticipating their pursuits — she saved herself from some scary creatures, and then flew. Nightmares were repeated often enough. But she liked the flights themselves so that "I wanted to cry with happiness."

Another feature was that sometimes in these dreams she fell … well, let's say, in the afterlife. Seen mostly his dead grandmother and other relatives, but not only. As soon as someone somewhere to die, and that the deceased could appear in her dreams. So it is Viktor Tsoi, talc, Vysotsky, who died groom her friends and other people, sometimes it is not known before. With deceased grandmother Rima communicates frequently. She talks to her, showed her house, a two-storey cottage, beautiful trees nearby. One day flew by and saw that my grandmother dancing in his garden and singing songs. That is "out there" it is completely happy.

About sex with inosuschestvom Rima says this:

When it comes Somebody, her spine chill creeps and chills occur. She feels the steps prominaetsya bed when he lies down next. No matter how it lay, Somebody is taken from the back, she could not see him. At these moments, it takes possession of torpor, it can not, for example, to turn over to the abdomen, to look at him. He says that only once managed to overcome his fear and looked around, when he moved away from the bed. Saw a whitish substance, similar to the human silhouette. All unintelligible, but his eyes as if a very beautiful, large and expressive.

Once I saw his hand as he placed it in front of me — she recalled. — Normal man's hand, clearly visible sparse hair, cool hand. I tried to turn around, but he pressed on his shoulder, not allowing to watch. A hand removed.

The sexual act is always in position from behind. Feels the weight of a normal big man. On the assumption that all her dreams and physical presence does not actually happen, Rima actively objected to, because all the surrounding sounds — the creaking of the bed, breathing, noise — all preserved. But husbands of such meetings occurred. Usually creature came when her husband early in the morning, go to work, and she had to get up later. Sexual intercourse always ended in an orgasm, and Rima noticed that the orgasm she adjusts itself and achieves it, when he wants to, either soon or extended in time. As if being guesses or knows her physiology.

Rima is adamant that the pleasure received from inosuschestva much sharper and better than men on earth. Although from the earth does not refuse, and regrets that her courtship and marriage break up.

Believes that the first marriage broke up not because of the connection with inosuschestvom. And the next — yes, maybe so: felt discomfort, dissatisfaction, when comparing unwittingly partners. However, men in strange ways about it not being held.

For example, over the years, several meetings were interrupted due to the fact that with its partners occurred some force majeure. That someone was flying all to hell with work, with jobs, then robbed of one apartment, a serious illness, the arrest and clarify the relationship with the police. Someone drank …

History does not repeat, but no longer seemed random. She and her mother walked the sorcerers and witches, those identified Rimma "crown of celibacy", assured that will remove or have removed it, but despite the costs, Rima is still one.

It is curious that the family did not live long Rima dog, whom she dotes. All of them died under different circumstances. And then come to her in dreams. Therefore, it is believed that dogs have souls, too. And her favorite puppy is not only a dream, but sometimes it comes to her at night and lies at the feet as laid down in life. She feels the weight of the dog, his breathing …

At first her dog for no apparent reason started to break down bone. It all crumbled, could not get up. The second dog was a handsome man, but with a defect, could not speak at trade shows. Gone somewhere myself, but judging by the fact that it comes in dreams — apparently dead. The third dog hit by a car as an adult. Rima does not rule out that the dog eliminates the creature from the Otherworld. Why? "He saw that I was shaking on the dog, I love it — so it must be removed." Now the dogs she gets out of compassion for animals.

After conversations with me and at my request, Rima tried to enter into the merits of a verbal conversation, though it is usually not possible. When one day he came in the morning, she woke up with a start. Mentally asked, "Why do you come?" Repeated twice. I heard he went to the bed, took the floor with a bottle of juice and drank it. Then he went out. She heard the sound of a bottle in the morning she saw that it was empty, through the eyelids saw a dark shape in the twilight of the room. Apparently, he did not like her curiosity.

Again he came to her in just a few days, even lay down on the bed, but sex was not included. One day she heard his quiet, hissing like a force, the words: "I'll defend. Not for long. " From what protects, and how to understand the "short time", if all of this has lasted for 19 years, can not answer. Communicate in Russian. Sometimes during intercourse hisses, whispers in her ear, "Rima, Rimmulya …" If you used to kiss in the ear, it is like frostbite on time loses its sensitivity, although the body itself it is not cold and does not cause any discomfort.

When I asked about some of the features of these contacts answered candidly as possible to the situation say that "eye to eye."

For example, it does not have to undress, as a child sleeps in a nightgown, and in the summer at all naked. Usually sleeps on his stomach. Getting pregnant is not afraid, because uses a spiral, but if I got pregnant, I wanted to see who will give birth to this creature, because "interesting." Semen partner does not feel, though perhaps small allocation is still there. Confidently talks about the materiality of hand that she had seen, but if it materializes the whole — do not know. Can not turn back when he leaves. She immediately takes a dream. However, the energy thus loses much. After a night gets weakened, not enough sleep. The problem of "critical days" being aware and these days does not come. Frequency of contact varies. It happens once a month, and sometimes several times a week. One day, after she was staying with her pious brother month, did not come two or three months, but then showed up, and everything continues to the present.

What is interesting, moving from the north, where their family had lived, did not affect their relationship. They have not broken off, the creature has not disappeared, as if it accompanies, anywhere. But the initiative — to come or not to come — comes only from him. Her desires, including sexual, is unlikely to take into account.

Apply to me Rimma advised her mother, Galina. In addition to her daughter's chastity is also concerned about her health. Rima from a young age had gastritis, which has grown into an ulcer. There is concern that may form a cancerous tumor or a further deterioration of health. I offered to meet Rima and be treated in Volgograd healers who practice treatment method of academician VM MAI Privalova (rehabilitation post-exposure situations). However, Rima has refused for two reasons: it is not baptized and do not believe in God, and for the treatment did not want to be baptized. The second reason: I do not want to interrupt communication with inosuschestvom as used to, and she likes sex with him. They are, in her words, better and brighter than men. Exacerbation of ulcer now seems to be no, but of new sores had a strong allergy. Possible cause — loss of power, but, in principle, for our city, "Great Chemistry" allergic disease is not surprising.

I continue to remain aware of this situation, but to extract a lot of information, for example, a conversation with a woman is a creature, does not work. Rima and can not overcome the numbness, confusion in relationship with him. Where being — from another, parallel world or, say, from the other — remains unclear. However, due to its "astral travel", it can be assumed that her partner — a creature from the astral world, which we, the researchers, we know very, very rough.

From the archive Valentine Goltz, an expert of the newspaper "Anomaly", I learned about a similar one-time incident with a certain Galina (according to the original recording — Galina Borzova. — MG) from St. Petersburg. She's such a thing happened in March 1982.

She says she was staying with a friend, went to bed at two in the morning. Awakened by a strange sound, as if the glass had something metallic. "Suddenly felt — I quote — that, starting from the feet, to me was the drop something heavy to press down. On the wall, on the background of the carpet, saw the shadow is loose, and my back is a figure with a large head and broad back. And then began the act. My fear suddenly passed, so once you do that, then please be so kind … The feeling was wonderful. So much better than the earthly creature. Then there was the feeling that I was wrapped up warm, bliss and kindness. Then the shadow and the severity has been allowed to evaporate from the sides to the middle of the back. Gone was the stiff neck, head and hands. No fear, no stiffness. I sat on the bed, stunned, thinking I had a dream or not. But the feeling was very real, not a dream after all. A friend close deep sleep, did not move. Erotic dreams had never seen before. Then he told his mother. She said that it is in his youth was twice. "(" Anomaly »№ 20, 1997)

We can see that, not saying a word, the two women talk about on the same feelings when dealing with unknown creatures. According to other testimony of victims as well identical picture emerges. If you remember the old traditions of prayer for protection from sexual harassment of certain spirits, descriptions succubus and incubus, it can be concluded that representatives of some other world often have made, and continue to carry out sexual contact with earthlings. These humanoid creatures and are likely to have a functionally similar methods of reproduction and sexuality. Not being able to describe these creatures, at least I ascertain their presence, so, stating that there is also evidence of other worlds and other intelligent life. "

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