Intestinal infection killed another resident in Germany

The number of victims of infection increased to 38 people

The death toll from an intestinal infection in Germany on Thursday rose to 38 people. Earlier it was reported that in Germany, 37 cases died and one person died in Sweden.

"Despite the falling waves of disease EHEC (enterohaemorrhagic E. coli), the number of victims rose again," — said the press service of the Robert Koch Institute.

As recalled by RIA Novosti, the beginning of May in Germany were registered 3304 cases of dangerous infection. However, during the last week the number of cases decreased significantly.

Intestinal infection broke out some time ago in the north of Germany. Initially, experts on sin salad cucumbers from Spain, but later it was said that the source of infection could be a farm in Lower Saxony, to markets in the country, germinated soybeans and other grains.

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