Invisible beam or mystery Generator Beridze

January 23, 2012 15:43

Advances of modern parapsychology more convince us that the idea is not a product of the neurons of the brain and result in nerve cells occurring electrochemical and biophysical processes. In the time it processes as a result of thought.

In the 70 years of the famous physicist Professor N.Kobozev been allowed to participate in the formation of thought ultralight particles vacuum with high speed data transmission. In those same years, Doctor of Psychology, Professor V.Pushkin and Sc.D. A.Dubrov hypothesized role of the physical vacuum in the higher forms of mental activity, namely sverhsostoyaniyah psychics when they exhibit the phenomenon of psychokinesis and other phenomena.
Opening professor A.Gurvichem mitogenic rays has been one of the most important discoveries of 30th years of XX century. Occurs during cell division determines the radiation, as shown by the scientist, information processes at the molecular level. Biological field (the term A.Gurvicha) appears in the remote interactions between individual cells, organs and systems of the body.
Important patterns of electromagnetic data communication in the living substance discovered and studied V.Kaznacheevym academician and doctor of medical sciences L.Mihaylovoy. The observed phenomenon of non-programmed genetically distant transmission of intercellular signals in biological systems of different organizations can serve as a test of touch and living matter. Life, according to academic Treasurers, can not be reduced to the form of the protein, it is organized and at the field level. Each cell has a field form of life. Carriers in biological systems can be quanta of the electromagnetic field or "biophotons" in the range from the infrared to the ultraviolet part of the spectrum. It is estimated that all living cells have a perfect communication channel, where each slice can combine the signal and the donor at an expense of minimal doses of energy.
Academician V.Glushkov believed that feature physical fields created by biological systems, is their structural organization, which is the result of overlapping oscillation induces a large number of sources in vivo (neurons, the protein molecules, etc.).
The authors of the set of hypotheses about the nature of bio believe that its structure are known or unknown fields, as well as their integration. But most modern scholars psychic phenomena, as shown by materials of seminars and conferences, are inclined to believe that the psychic energy is different from all other known forms of energy, as is transmitted over long distances without significant losses, passes through any screens.
The well-known researcher in the field of parapsychology A.Dubrov believes that the problem of psi phenomena are still open questions: Where does the energy that is the action of the agent, what a way to transmit information. To answer these questions, we need to change the current scientific paradigm, that is, up to an entirely new platform, the views and methodological approaches.
Experience of scientific discovery shows that such a quantum leap in understanding of the world are not by logical reasoning and conclusions on the basis of accumulated knowledge, and by receiving transcendental knowledge, that is, independent of the will of man unexpected insight into the truth of a particular issue, perceived as a breakthrough to a new level vision process or phenomenon. The most surprising thing from the point of view of orthodox materialism that such revelations when testing confirmed.
A powerful stream of this "sverhnauchnoy information" gained in recent years in this way many of our contemporaries, confirms this position. He is, though to a lesser extent, comes to the scientific community in various ways. So little with the knowledge to even have the courage to endure the wrath of scientific "Olympus", avoid all the obstacles and give people the information. In the case of emerging incidents must be indulgent to weakness opponent, because not everybody can immediately understand the new. And for emotional release is useful to remember lessons of the history of science. Bright classic example, when the French Academy of Sciences at the time did not recognize the existence of meteorites, and brilliant Lavoisier in discussing this question, said: "The stones fall from the sky they can not because they are not there." This is self-explanatory.
Pioneers in their actions will be guided by the famous maxim — "first do not ask, they just go to the assault." The more so that everyone gets the information for it is the moral responsibility and should share it with the benefit of people, with all means pointing to the source and method of preparation.
Has gone through the said condition and the author of these lines. This happened in April 1980, when my knowledge of the psycho-bio-energy restricted articles in the popular science magazine about the experiments of Professor L.Spirkina with D.Davitashvili. I felt at the time the action of the generator at the plant bio, is a shiny metal cylinder (weight 7 kg, length 18 cm, diameter 8 cm), consisting of two screw-halves. One of them is a cover, the radiator is mounted inside another unknown, unseen energy that goes through a small hole.
This instrument was created from Kiev A.Beridze-Stakhovsky and applied in Kiev to cure serious diseases on the personal initiative of the inventor, as said one of the Kiev newspaper. Irradiation of wheat seeds generator so much stimulated the development of plants that I had no doubt about the reality of the original device a radiation energy. Field-tested the same effect on the generator itself for cognitive curiosity, and on winter wheat — hoping to increase its resistance to frost, because the death of winter in Ukraine is very significant and the search for crop protection beyond the scope of my work.
Later, six months later, when I met A.Beridze, he told me that his offspring named generator conditionally, and in fact — is a repeater energy of the Cosmos. I remember his words: "Remember, the generator of cosmic antigravity beam of nature."
Meanwhile, after a night of radiation generator I woke up at night from the terrible realization that I was dying. Incredible pain pinned the whole body, seized a unique feeling that every cell of the body is turned inside out any power to break you. Forgetting about the atheistic upbringing, referring to God to give me the opportunity to live up to in the morning, I did not cease to marvel at the power of biofield, which, as I understand it, has caused such an incredible response. In the subconscious throbbing one thought: "What is the level of matter energy biofield affects the body?" Suddenly, in a split second in the minds of college swept basics of the levels of organization of living — organismal, tissue, cellular, molecular, atomic inner eye can see … first cell with all organelles then rapidly vibrating molecules in the form of branched filaments … atom — matte white transparent ball, like a cloud … I see a pulsating red ball … core! Lightning pierces the thought: "The core of the atom absorbs aura and moves to another energy level!" And once it was realized that a change in the energy state of the nucleus can be registered by the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), which I was using at the time to study the nature of frost winter wheat.
After a few minutes I felt better. Groped in the dark alarm clock, shopped, had three hours and twenty minutes. A few years later, I learned that in three hours on Earth is the maximum flow of space information. In the Christian religion it is now called the hour of God.
Due to an unexpected hardware failure NMR only six months was able to verify their knowledge. Were taken for analysis of air-dry elite wheat, has been exposed to an invisible beam generator (prototypes), and the same, but not irradiated (control).
The first measurement device (Minispek R-20), working on the principle of nuclear magnetic resonance, which showed a statistically significant difference between the control and experimental seeds. The exposed generator seeds changed the energy state of protons (hydrogen nuclei).
Soon after the meeting with A.Beridze. I showed him the schedule drawn up by the results of the experiment. With some anxiously awaiting his opinion. I did not invent the wheel? Perhaps this method has long been used for?
The response was enthusiastic, roughly: "What? You have compared?! I can not prove to anyone that the generator — a source of energy, since no device it does not register. " One participant asked how long have I been doing problem biofield. After learning that he had never worked with a hint of annoyance and surprise said, "Lucky dilettantes. I am thirty years I fight on this issue, but no one had no idea that change can occur at this level. "
Then I detailed how this "guess". Anatoly listened attentively and nodded understandingly. He is now said to have been a contactee and receive information from space.
One and a half years I have worked with A.Beridze-Stakhovsky, exploring the impact of the generator, and then the people, psychics on the atomic nuclei of biological objects. During this time, completely changed my outlook. It became apparent that in addition to the dense world in which we live, there are subtle or beyond, a world filled with spiritual beings, the information field of the universe, many forms of life with a lot of patterns, which we still have no idea, or just guess.
Anatoly was extremely dedicated and multi-talented person. He is good at drawing, writing poems. Scholar and musician by training, astonished many scientists associated with him deep insight into the nature of phenomena and encyclopedic knowledge. Applications for opening in various fields of science, which he gave, were ignored, as too ahead of its time. So he developed a brand new table of chemical elements, arguing that they are much more than we know. Designed a unique telescope working on a ray generator. Get instant photographs of the surface of many celestial bodies without developer and fixer. His generator operated without feeding from the mains. The initial impetus to a constant flow of energy, apparently A.Beridze gave himself because, as he said, to charge another generator he carefully prepared weekly and hungry.
After retiring from life unexpectedly — in 1982 at the age of 52 years, Anatoly nobody managed to convey the mystery of his creation. In vain he sought to create a state commission before which would reveal the principle of the apparatus. Believed that it should be a state secret, as the energy generators not only healing. Under certain conditions, it can become a weapon.
The cause of death was believed his team was the overexposure of generators, which he experienced himself.
When I was working in front of an open generator after 20 minutes. started cardiac spasms. Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences O.Goroshko who worked with A.Beridze, told me that he had an hour heart stopped. Remember with gratitude his advice for this: make some circular tangentially in the heart closed body working shaver. Indeed, the pain shot instantly. Average helps roll out fresh chicken eggs, which absorbs the excess energy of the person.
In Kiev, there are about 50 units in the former patients A.Beridze. It is not excluded their uncontrolled use, it is dangerous. People in whose hands will hit the generators have to be extremely careful. The generator can not be kept in the living room, as in a closed form, it emits some energy.
I know many people healed. But some did not get relief. Anatoly constantly, for 15 years, perfecting his invention. He believed that the operating wavelength transponder must be individualized for each person.
There are cases when the curious attempt to disassemble the generator for the purpose of understanding its structure and function. With full responsibility I warn futile and dangerous trouble. As a result, at the opening of the energy impact of the core can lose the latter's health, which, unfortunately, has already happened to some crackers. In addition, the newly assembled unit will not work.
Before we take up the study of transcendental, everyone should know and understand the moral creed of the Cosmos — do not infringe on someone else's karma, one must fulfill his destiny.
People trying to learn tact secret knowledge, or worse, to appropriate the priority in such an open, usually paying dearly for this misfortune, illness — even death. And it is not because someone they revenge. Just the body of a man, his body is not programmed to receive kosmoinformatsii and therefore can not withstand the powerful flow caused by the energies of cosmic knowledge.
Opening-A.Beridze Stakhovsky went along with it, but there was an understanding that people have a new perspective of knowledge of nature's secrets, mastery of which will help them to overcome the disease, to develop green technologies, know other worlds.
Its opening will return to the people, when they are ready to accept it, grow spiritually, and not be able to turn it against his brothers, to self-destruction of mankind.

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