Invisible world. Riddle of the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Mars

February 14, 2012 18:51

Invisible world.  Riddle of the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Mars

Naturally, the news of the Sphinx ipiramidah Mars raised a flurry of emotions, but Americans quickly cool down the researchers and enthusiasts, stating that neither the pyramids of Mars, or the Sphinx riddle does not exist. This, they say, the play of light and shadow create an optical illusion. However, the optical illusion came misunderstanding as in the picture, which was taken from a different angle, the objects are maintained, although the play of light and shadow, they would have had to disappear. In the 80-ies of XX century in the press have repeatedly appeared evidence of the existence of the pyramids on Mars.

Finally, in November 1994, the American space agency (NASA), which is the main U.S. space agency, issued a statement: "The Sphinx and the pyramids on Mars there." Over the years, NASA was in the depths of hard work, the pictures "Viking" best analyzed at the time computers. It was only after one hundred experts in the field of cosmology came to the affirmative conclusion held a sensational press conference. Age Pyramids of Mars experts previously concluded in the range from 9000 to 500 million years. Large enough range.

Even 15 years before the historic flight of "Viking 1" in 1961, Richard Hoagland (Institute Brokhvensa), commissioned by NASA delivered a report on the presence of traces of an ancient civilization on Mars. This report ("Estimated impact of space exploration humanity") stated that the area Cydonia plains, located on Mars, clearly contains traces of man-made objects. It was just about the mystery of the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Mars.

In the plateau region Elysium apparatus "Mariner 9" recorded field quadrangular pyramids. In the southern polar regions of Mars also detected geometry correct form, for what have been called the "city of the Incas." In the northern hemisphere of Mars (Sidon) was made photographing the "city of pyramids" mentioned earlier Sphinx, which is located about ten kilometers from the "City of the Pyramids." Some researchers have noted the similarity of the Sphinx with a woman's face, which froze tear. Several enthusiasts claim that the Egyptian Sphinx has hair …

If this is true, then how can it say? Or Martian civilization (which is later, or left, or died) was associated with Atlantis or the lost Atlantis residents themselves were capable of such a large-scale space activities. The length of the face — and a half kilometers, width — one point, three-tenths miles, height — 0.5 km. This gigantic structure could create a very powerful civilization. However, remember the Tibetan city of the gods to Mount Kailash, which is a pyramid of height more than six miles. Recall the mysterious and menacing "stone mirror time" of the same Tibetan complex, which reach heights of eight meters. Clearly suggests the conclusion of the relationship.

According to reports, in Cydonia 25 pyramids five large and twenty small. Most of them are up to twenty times the size of the famous pyramids of Giza. Small Pyramids of Mars correspond to the size of the great pyramids of Giza and recently discovered in the jungles of Brazil, the pyramids. Height reaches the last 250 meters. The size of the sides at the base of the Pyramids of Mars reaches a mile at a suitable height kilometer.

Clearly seen striking a complex system. Image of Sphinx clearly oriented along the meridian of Mars. In the center of the complex is the kilometer circle. What is it can only guess. To fit the circumference of a number of roads.

Invisible world.  Riddle of the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Mars

Location of the complex Martian pyramids are generally comparable with the layout of the pyramids in Mexico Teotihuakane, Uxmal, Palenque. It is clear that the age of the pyramids of Mars — very old. Large meteorites on statistics rarely fall into the planet. In this case, you can watch two direct hits to the left large pyramid, and junction. But, curiously, — some of the roads made a detour craters from meteorites. The question is: someone built this city in suits?

The photographs "Viking" in Utopia recorded another Martian Sphinx riddle is enhanced by the fact that it bears a striking resemblance to the first. In addition, the new found pyramid sites in Deuteronilus. Thus, a certain civilization, perhaps Atlantic, erected on the Red Planet of the city, when the atmosphere of the planet was suitable for life? And the fact that the Martian atmosphere contained the following concentrations of oxygen in the earth, indicates a number of facts. How many years ago, this might happen?

Invisible world.  Riddle of the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Mars

In connection with the pyramids of Mars is necessary to recall the moon that excites its mysterious phenomena no less Mars. Photos of Space Station "Lunar — Orbiter-2", made in 1966, captured the fascinating objects geometrically regular conical shape in the Sea of Tranquility. Still pictures are made from a height of 48 kilometers. On these photographs scanned sharp shadows, the highest of which could be thrown monumental obelisk. Eight lunar mysterious objects were analyzed engineer Abramov and the candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences V. Avinsky. Sergei Proskuryakov performed geometric analysis schemes lunar spiers and marveled. A location plan of the lunar objects is similar to the plan of placing the pyramids of Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure. The centers of these spikes in the "Abacus" settle up mirroring in the same way as the top three world-famous pyramids.

Mars to date with its Sphinx and the pyramids remains one of the mysteries of the century. Of the more than a dozen Russian space vehicles to Mars neither able to perform its tasks to the end. Have been able to reach the surface of Mars only two. First successfully flew to Mars American station "Mariner 4" in 1964, later a few of the stations that have met around 8000 pictures. Soviet station nothing has been done in the 60's. In the 70's "Vikings" have achieved great success, and our "Mars" had failed. In the 80's — a picture repeated. Not all U.S. missions were successful, European also achieve the desired results. But the Russian station, flying to Mars, especially in light of recent events with the device Phobos-Grunt, is experienced by some obvious, just a mystical effect. Own engineers can not be explained by natural causes such selectivity in case of failure it sets, which start on Mars …

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