iPad declared dangerous to the health of users


British doctor Tony Kochhar (Tony Kochhar), told reporters that since then, as the market appeared tablet computers such as the Apple iPad, much more to it began to treat patients with complaints of pain in the shoulders and neck. According to the doctor, his patients are faced with the syndrome RSI ("repetitive strain injury" — this is when the repetition repetitive actions starts to hurt anything), which is manifested in the shoulders.


Kochhar explained the situation to the fact that when a person uses the iPad, his eyes constantly directed not forward, as in ordinary life, or for a desktop computer, and down, creating a dangerous strain on the joints. The result can be painful and damaging muscles and joints.

If you already rushed to take your iPad to the store — take your time. Dr. Kochhar recognizes that the problem is not specific just for this device. The danger of exactly the same disease threatens and other tablet users, as well as smart phones and other devices, using which a person looks down for a long time or keeps them long canopy. It is not hard to guess that conventional paper books the situation is very similar. In general, under the term RSI frightening hidden sickness, which has long been known to the reading section of humanity, and against which greatly helps simple exercise. By the way, is a type of RSI and "Tunnel Syndrome" (pain in the wrist from a long work with the mouse), which is also "cured" exercise. In general, there is no need to throw out your tablet, it is enough sometimes to take a break to stretch your shoulders.

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