IQ 12-year-old girls was higher than that of Einstein


IQ 12-year-old Olivia Manning from Liverpool by 2 points higher than that of the outstanding scientists of our time — Einstein and Hawking.

According to the test result, IQ Olivia is 162 credits (photo:

12-year-old Olivia Manning is not only the most intelligent child, but also one of the smartest people in the world, the amount of which does not exceed 1% of the population.

Her IQ is 162 units. It is 100 points higher than the world average.

A girl just walked around such prominent figures of our time, as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Outstanding scientists estimated IQ of 160 points.

Einstein and Hawking's IQ is 160 scores

Due to its amazing results the girl has already been invited to join the society Mensa.

Mensa — a non-profit organization that brings together people who have passed the IQ tests are better than 98% of people. The only requirement for entry into the oldest and largest organization — a high level of intelligence.

The girl herself comfortable with the title of the young genius.

— When prompted, especially in Mensa, nothing has changed. Well, except that began to learn more and ask for them to do homework — said Olivia.

Mensa opens prodigy opportunities to implement and provides legal support to its members worldwide.

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