Israel was attacked by a UFO. One object is shot down


Because of the visit of a "flying saucer" at the airport Ben Gurion delayed some flights and raised into the air fighters

As reported by The Jewish Press, a UFO appeared on the radar screens at about 5 am on Wednesday, October 10. Military announced the alarm and sent several fighters to intercept. At the international airport Ben Gurion, which was approaching the object, all flights were delayed. Canceled and landing — flies airplanes circling in the air.

Airport resumed work after a few minutes. Allegedly from the military, it was reported that the UFO is not a threat.

But have received no explanations for the object that caused such a strong reaction. And it caused a suspicious reaction ufologists. They referred to a similar incident that occurred earlier — on Saturday, October 6. And they came to the conclusion that Israel was attacked by "flying saucers" aliens.

On Saturday, fighters also chased UFOs. And even brought down one of the objects. That was filmed by one of the witnesses. The military then explained that the downed drone, launched from Lebanese territory. In this ufologists just do not trust, believing that the Israeli Air Force could not miss it and miss so far inland. Moreover, none of the movements of the opposing Israel has not claimed responsibility for the invasion (as in the past, and for Saturday). And the witnesses noticed that the downed object was more like a "flying saucer" than on the drone — and in appearance, and in habits. And the wreckage of the machine no one shows.




Ufologists believe that a downed UFO was an alien

— The device was an alien — not embarrassed, said a very famous American astronomer and UFO researcher Scott Waring (Scott C. Waring), citing evidence of anonymous military. — Or came from another dimension. He made rapid maneuvers — up to almost instant change of direction. This characteristic of the "flying saucers". And it is not characteristic of UAV.
At the same time, Waring does not explain what the "flying saucer" one that easily allows itself to bring down. For aliens is absolutely not the case. In the history of UFO sightings aware of only one — and a very dubious — the case. Told as if the 1989 "plate" was shot in South Africa — some of the laser gun.



Vladimir Lagowski

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