Israeli UFO flew to Ufa

June 8, 2012 12:52

Israel and Georgia residents are wondering what kind of unidentified flying objects plow sky above them. And yet, they were joined by the Russians — Ufa residents puzzled strange phenomenon, which saw in the sky last night.

In Ufa community in "Live Journal" appeared this entry: "07 June. Sipaylovo. Time 23:44 minutes. Stand with a neighbor and his son in the yard, talking. I notice unusual glow in the sky. In the center of the big bright ball wide right of the triangle — the glow, tail, trail. Angle is very wide, not like a comet, a comet usually narrow, and it is very wide and short. Observe long, still debating what it is like. Neighbor makes fun supposedly UFO. I say — perhaps a star or moon shines something special … We notice that it moves. "
A short time later, according to the blogger, the object appears to glow — a triangle that was visible before, only smaller. "This is an isosceles triangle, symmetrical. Like trail braking, reverse, — says the author of the posts. — 15 seconds later the object disappears, but not completely, in its place appear like contrails, smoke is not smoke, steam, spun counterclockwise divergent scattered. Very large circles look like on TV. "
Similar circles can be seen in the video and that the section "Mobile Reporter" witnesses sent from Yerevan.

UFO scare people and Astrakhan. There are, however, circles in the sky was not. Blogger dimka-jd had to lay in his LiveJournal some pictures. "No one really has nothing to explain, and the most common version — about the end of the world and an alien invasion. But the most plausible version of the launch rocket and the subsequent combustion of the fuel in the atmosphere, "- he said. Sure enough, as it turned out later, Astrakhan watched rocket launch "Topol" from range "Kapustin Yar".

Unusual phenomena in the sky observed by residents of Saratov region. In Russian and Israeli media, these phenomena explain exactly launch. But bloggers, still wondering, if the rocket hit a given target it, then why object in the sky so suddenly disappeared? Why rocket flew on this strange path?
"It is very, very beautiful. And so it was strange to come home and discover that, it turns out, many of the phenomenon frightened. No "poplar", aliens and all! Not portte romance "- writes blogger yozhezavrik Yerevan. Still, many people want to believe in a meeting with the heavenly civilization.

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