It is an ordinary liberal fascism Caucasian

Protested against what people (including women and the elderly) on Manezh Square? — Against the law to kill with impunity (cut and score namert) Russian implicitly granted Caucasian bandits korrumpirvannoy bureaucracy.

Yes, there has been an element of provocation — but it is almost always, and people protested sincerely.

Protested against what Caucasians, who took to the streets today and attacked the police? — Against those who protested at the Manege.

Suitability, they — consciously or not — advocating for the rights of the Caucasian bandits and terrorists to kill with impunity Russian (or rather, non-Caucasians in general, it is reported that in Samara in torchlight procession against terror kavazskogo participated Armenians and Tatars — though not for the fact that there were fewer Slavs). Performed very sincere, very organized, in unison.

Naskolkoya understand many of them have passed on their expensive foreign cars with tinted windows over thousands of kilometers (as the witnesses, under the cover of the Russian police) to express strong support for the rights of their neighbors to kill with impunity Russian.

Impunity to kill us!

And all kinds liberasty aggressive bleating that not only resist, but even resent it — is unacceptable. But the name of the person acting for the right to kill others on a national basis? Goes beyond this right in the square? Forward for this right on policemen and civilians? In my humble opinion, as well as the person who believes the slogans "Stop killing Russian," and "One for all and all for one!" "Nationalism." Such people are called fascists. Liberal, Caucasian, German — it is in the circumstances.

What to do with them? — According to the law in jail.

If corrupt government will continue to go and encouraged them bleating about "Russian nationalism …" — it will be bad.

Really bad, and not just for them.

I remember one high police chief, who, turning the matter svezheubiennogo liberal reformer (in 1997), thoughtfully stated: "Certain categories of people can save the life of just one way — time to plant them."

Russia did not notice and forgave ethnic cleansing (as I see it, the transition to the genocide) Russian (that is, non-Vainakh — all the people of the Russian culture, regardless of their nationality) in Chechnya. Did not notice and just "de-Russification" of the North Caucasus. Now the terrorists to hang on the central square in Grozny poster "Russian, do not leave — we need slaves!", Came to Moscow.

These terrorists want to take hostage the whole of Russia in the same way as 8 years ago, they took hostages visitors 'Nord-Ost'. And it is necessary to deal with them in the same way as was done with the terrorists who seized the "Nord-Ost" — of course, without destroying the civilian population.
And with the accomplices of these terrorists should do the same, as did those with accomplices of terrorists.

Talk to the people of the 12th century in the language of the 21st century can be either a fool or a provocateur, or their conscious agent.

Want simple things:
1. Russian end discrimination in the courts, law enforcement agencies and other government bodies: implementation of the slogan Manezh Square "is one law for all!"
2. Ensuring financial control of federal money being sent to the North Caucasus, and to bring the size of the funds to the average standards (that this money did not go to the formation of fascist and terrorist aggression against the rest of Russia).
3. This requires clarification of the state of corruption, its normalization. At a minimum, we need the most severe cleaning, getting rid of all officials mired ties to terrorists and criminals and aiding them.

PS "Obschechelovekam" and tolerastam, designed and built to juggle that what I'm talking about Caucasian fascism — does not mean that I believe the Nazis all Caucasians. Similarly, as speakers of German fascism was not considered by the Nazis for all Germans.

All I know is normal Caucasians, and they are many. But the events of recent weeks show that, unfortunately, it is not a representative sample.

It is an ordinary liberal fascism Caucasian


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