It is impossible to fight corruption, betrayal when around


Today is the deadline studying the case of Svetlana Baykova investigation, which a year ago investigated the case of corruption at the border and hit the "development" of the KGB, and then to jail.

More than three months Svetlana Baykova is under house arrest, allowed contact with her only by the investigator and lawyer Michael Volchek. The results of studying the case lawyer says it passed with no problems.

"No complaints. Finish the introduction, all the work will finish on November 15."

After reading the several volumes of the case to the lawyer on the case has not changed.

"We have to close due to lack of action Baykova of crime," — says Mikhail Volcheck.

Three weeks ago, Michael Volcheck complained to the Attorney General's Office for investigation, which waged against his client in the KGB. According to the lawyer, the investigators were aware of serious violations of the law by one of his colleagues Baykova, but did nothing to stop them. Michael Volchek it became known that the police officer reported to one of the defendants in the case, which led Baykova, possible actions that interfere with the investigation and the investigation.

Prosecutor's Office of Belarus Volchak these claims lawyer declined to comment, and also not informed about whether the test is conducted on the complaint of a lawyer. Michael Volcheck says that before still answer to the complaint is not received.

Human rights activist Harry Pahanyaila believes that in a normal court case Baykova "necessarily fall apart," but, given the dependence of the Belarusian judges, we can predict a different outcome. Mr. Pahanyaila believes that the effectiveness of the fight against corruption in Belarus hindered by the fact that the investigators of various law enforcement agencies themselves use during an investigation by law unlawful methods.

"It Baykova — it really is a registered business, very roughly made. Why is it so" surrendered "native prosecutor's office, I do not understand. But we can definitely say that Belarusian law enforcement system is rotten. It all relies on the illegal methods of investigation that are stimulated and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and KGB, and the prosecutor's office. "

Within five days after the inspection at the Office of Public Prosecutor to decide on the future of the case: send it to the court to send a new investigation or close.

Investigation Svetlana Baykova was arrested in February, she was accused of malfeasance: that the investigator illegally released from the responsibility of the person who committed the crime.

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