It was-was: reviews of Aeroflot flight attendants Superjet

It was-it became: Reviews Aeroflot flight attendants


The first impression flight attendant


In the AFL began to train flight attendants on the Superjet. What I want to say … God save me from the plane. I do not know how it will fly (I hope that is good). But from the point of view of the flight attendants — horror in the darkness. Surely it was impossible to tear off all at Airbus (and not reinvent the wheel). Yes, and one toilet per 75 passengers, it's cool.

YURYSTI'm probably going to surprise you, but from the point of view of the conductor at any aircraft bad …

You really surprised me. Conclusions. I said from the point of view of a cabin attendant and his work. And then the "bad plane?"

Yes, the toilets in the plane actually two. Only 12 layout AFL biz, 75 Economics. — One toilet in front, one in back. In any company assumes that each class has its own toilets. AFL — is no exception. Or still sympathize with the passengers of business.

Oh, and some kitchen equipment is puzzling. Long story. Take my word for it. In general, the disadvantages created from scratch. It's a shame. So much to mess with the aircraft. A sense …

We do need a fourth station BP, not to lower the bar of service and do not change the technology. And especially its destinations.

In the A-320 Key messages incorporated into the computer and read automatically by pressing a couple of buttons.

Believe the word of a man who works for a long time and loves his job, that all claims are unsubstantiated, and weighed and reasoned. This is not the whims of nowhere. And the analysis of the work on this particular plane by the standards of this particular company.

Comparison of childhood diseases IL-96

Remember what the problems were with the IL-96? I fly it often enough, at the time, and we rarely flew on schedule.

Broke, brought to mind. There are problems, but not critical. Especially since it does not operate as intended (for short flights), and age is.

As time passes, Superjet will bring to mind, will cure all the children's ailments. All forms, and other companies who will operate it, even say thank you for the AFL "sick."


Cradle to the jet light in saving are not available (only in business). Infantenka really have to keep on hand. Saves the day only, then that flights on Jet, fairly short, and the cradle is used only in horizontal flight (with display off "Fasten seat belts"), so put your baby in a bassinet can be only a very short time. For about 20 minutes.

A-321 also has cradles in the economy … but fly longer distances. "Pushkin" — 767 — also without swinging platforms in the economy. The problem is …? Yes. But that refused to flight passengers with children are observed.

Volume shelves

Fly, quite regularly, at Jet, (I'm lucky!), Loading in the economy, as a rule, always full, but had no problems with the placement of luggage on the shelves, neither in business nor in the economy. The size of the shelves is great. Is that the one "unsatisfied passenger" tried to push on the shelf oversized "elephant" and was indignant that the elephant does not climb, and "dolzhon"!!

Complaints of RA-89002

29.08.2012shadowwrote: There is still quite shaky assembled passenger cabin … How many girls? Well, a little bit on Aircraft standards, right? Crane toilet on parole … hang out, as Mr. … in the hole. Door garbage bins (cleaners yuzayut frequently) are not closed. Problems with intercom …

Strangely for a fresh aircraft. Especially in comparison with any other, we also started to operate from scratch.

And what are necessary know-how and testing to quality screw tap or to establish strong and latches? No need to explain away the mythical commissioning of a new type, what's new? If this all falls apart in the first year of operation, then what will that be?

I want more than "just something tisnut to the forum," and I want to work under normal conditions. And do not explain to passengers why this and that in the new plane.

Impressions of the new aircraft assembly Full

tell us your impressions of the "full"-jets? Better / worse than expected? How to work on it?

Here it is now, what we need …))) A lot of you want to add, uncomfortable altered. It's great! They said that it is impossible to create regionalnika of Airbus.

And it happened!

Added BP station, 3rd toilet, individual fans for all passengers, all seats with oxygen masks +1, shared lighting, set PRAM (recorded information messages) … and many more useful …

In general, otlichnenko!

A complete set is equipped with a full stretcher?

shadowwrote: Only a full and complete set stocked. In all other jets AFL no such function.

Flew here the other day at FULL. As always glad. All otlichnenko))) … Chair: Just saw the last series of the housekeeper did not recline (((. Previously, passengers were not on them)), the question did not arise. Bad, of course … sentimentality 10 probably did not have access … And the toilet and you can not stand had to do a little less? Or each series to move ahead by 0.5 cm? Probably not))), but to ask something I can)) Well I work ….

And momentik. Important. Curtain in the front lobby (near armchair BP), which separates the front "kitchenette" and the cockpit has no attachment … to fix the seal. She hangs out and prevents … and in an emergency can just stop … The place for a standard fixture there. Why not install? Curtain between business and the front kitchen — normally fixed at a standard loop with a button.

All questions arise during the operation, thanks for your understanding and answers.

Another review

From the viewpoint of older BP:

Additional block oxygen masks on a number that is not necessary now to control infants on the starboard side, the new PRAM, with a visual display of the current and the next disk imaging (this is not even on the "watermelon"), SSU2Station now over, and turbulence or taxiing do not jump up and poke buttons, risking breaking his neck.

What a bunch of junk for the third type of toilets with a changing table in each, desktop sharing temperature control and lighting, additional kitchen module. Touchscreen with UPS yet, but it is not particularly relevant now.

Machine brand new, neat, pleasure to

21 Sep 2013, 00:47

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