Japanese robot took an astronaut


Japanese developers of Kiro Robot Project presented a pair of humanoid robots. First — Kirobo — soon will go into orbit. And his partner Mirat will help him with the Earth.

Video: © RT / photo: © RT

Both robots are small: their growth is only 34 cm, and weighs about a kilogram. However, they are able to communicate, execute commands, and even educate themselves in the process.

Kirobo robot and its twin-mate Mirat able to move independently in zero gravity and respond to verbal commands and gestures. Both the android successfully tested in simulated weightlessness, which was set up on board the special plane.

Especially proud of the developers has built-in self-learning, through which Kirobo Mirat and can hold a conversation with someone and get new knowledge.

It is assumed that in August of this year, Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata will Kirobo with him on the ISS, and within six months it will teach skills in orbit. At this time his partner Mirat remain on Earth, and will keep in touch.

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