K.Atamanchik: The action will be before the full release of Nicholas Dziadok


Cyril Atamanchyk answer to the question of site visitors, "Freedom"

Student of the European Humanities University and the Youth Initiative "Studalliance" ushered in a perpetual campaign of solidarity with the student of Yerevan State University Nicholas Gramps, that's two and a half months hold in custody.

Guest "Night of Freedom" — one of the student organizers of this action of the European Humanities University Cyril Atamanchyk.

Znatkevich: What exactly does this solidarity action that you are going to do within the limits of this action?

AtamanchykThis perpetual action of solidarity. We will plan some activities until the release of our colleagues from detention.

Znatkevich: One of our visitors asked: "Please list at least three of the next action in relation to the action of solidarity. Appeals, the requirements will not be accepted.

Atamanchyk: First, it is necessary that information about Nicholas heard in the media. This is the guarantor of its security. We safely, in principle, are implementing it now, thanks for the support our independent media, bloggers and all those people that have already spread information. Second, it is a moral support. Our students will write letters of support Mikola, that he knew his support, to know that they see a problem that has not filed and kept in spirit, for law enforcement officers just that and wait. And third, we will soon be presented a legal opinion on the case of Mikola and we will dispatch it by international institutions, human rights organizations and diplomatic missions, with the goal of being affected by this process. Practice shows that this method is unsupported zyavlyaetstsa the most effective, especially in the face of major political campaigns, as the presidential election. This is only a small part of what we had planned.

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