Kastusyou in Shklou, Michalevic in Moscow, Rymashevski going to Paris

Engaged than November 11 possible candidates for president?

Gregory Kastusiou Wake found in Mogilev, where BPF nominee for president gather information needed to submit a package of documents to the CEC. After Mogilev Gregory Kastusyou going to go to his native Shkloŭ: there he stayed checks "Property", the number of which is necessary to specify in the declaration. Does not prevent the election of collection of papers?

"For me the biggest problems have arisen, because I have everything clear. Declaration of income will apply for himself, for his wife and son, and my two daughters live separately already, they do not. Papers really enough, but I always say this: I like it or not, the law that is, one has to perform. "

Nyaklyayeu today participated in the presentation of the book analyst Valery Karbalevich "Alexander Lukashenko. Political Portrait. " The famous poet and a possible presidential candidate Nekljaev at a special press conference also urged businessmen to finance the purchase of transparent ballot boxes for the election, as the CEC on this supposedly "no money".

Deputy chairman of the United Civil Party Economist Yaroslav Romanchuk November 11 finished the article and gave a few interviews, including — Russian RTR. Or do not collect Russian journalists material for the new "Godfather"?

"No, they were interested in the election, whether the elections will be democratic. Like, collecting signatures — this one, and the formation of committees — is another. And at this point I noticed that if the representatives of democratic parties 0.3% in commissions, then talk about the democratic vote count, I guess not. "

The leader of the civil initiative "For Modernization" Mikhalevich is now in Moscow. In the evening, the politician invited to the radio station "Echo of Moscow", and before that met with representatives of the Belarusian diaspora in Moscow. That's what Nicholas Michalevic says the impact of this part of the inhabitants of the capital of Russia:

Moscow — is one of the most large Belarusian cities. There lives around a million people of Belarusian origin.

"Moscow — this is one of the largest towns in Belarus. There lives around a million people of Belarusian origin. "

Co-chair of the unregistered Belarusian Christian Democracy Party Vitaly Rymashevski November 11 met with the volunteers who collected signatures for him in Minsk, and also participated in the meeting of the electoral headquarters, which is now preparing promotional materials and several foreign trips a possible presidential candidate. Vitaly Rymashevski soon go to Paris, where he was invited to a meeting of the Political Committee of PACE:

"The Commission on political issues PACE to discuss the situation in Belarus, including the electoral situation. At the very least, a meeting also attended by representatives of the House of Representatives. "

"Today we have passed all the necessary documents for registration to the CEC. It is important ", — told the correspondent of" Freedom "in the election headquarters of the leader of" European Belarus " Andrei Sannikov.


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