Kill after a three-day binge four nails and glory: Oh, what I'm hard-working!


Almost all of the letters in the mail "Freedom" in these days of November, one way or another connected with the theme of the campaign, which continues in Belarus. The collectors of signatures from the streets of the Belarusian towns and villages have disappeared: the company ended the period. But the impressions of how these signatures were collected, our students are divided today.

A longtime friend of "Freedom" Paul Satz from the village of cankers Malorita region, from a letter which will begin this conversation with, the work of a collector of signatures observed in the village shop. Here is what he says in his new report:

"In our village Lyahovtsy petitions for Lukashenko brought to the store, left the sellers. Like, people come for bread — even signed. But who goes to a store with a passport? So they came up with that: On these sheets, write the name, date, and passport number — anyone that comes into my head. I witnessed when my brother wanted so write (and maybe recorded against his will). absentia were recorded not only from Lyahovtsy, but with Malorita. I told them: "Girls, why did you do that? Signatures also check to lie is found. You would have gone to the cemetery and the names of the dead have copied. "And they laugh in response:" The dead can not, they have no passports … "

Maybe it all over Belarus Lukashenko collected signatures for? Here's what's true in the current government.

A vote will come — again in secret ballot in a box sketched. People wonder: "At the election neither themselves nor the friends did not go, and turnout in the field — 96 percent." And where is the justice? Yes, she died long ago, but have not yet put a cross … " .

Note Mr. Paul that much anger and willingness to protest the situation of rural people does not matter. Maybe because the other choices and they do not remember. During the decades of the Soviet era are used to, that the election — it's a kind of theatrical ceremony with a known ending. No matter how you voted, and the winners have long been identified, and even the number of votes accurately known in advance.

Our listener Cyril Semenchuk of Lake Village Grodno region — A member of the United Civil Party, an activist of the initiative group of Yaroslav Romanchuk. In his letter to the "Freedom" that summarizes the first stage of the election campaign, the student wrote, "I can not look with indifference on the arbitrariness of the authorities in the collection of signatures." As an illustration of Mr. Semenchuk sent a copy of the appeal to the Central Election Commission Konstantin Dmitriev, who works at the collective farm garden in the Lakes. The statement describes the following situation:

"October 1, chief announced that on Monday, the 4th, all employees must bring a passport — allegedly for the nomination of an observer for the presidential election. Monday passports were collected and were told that this was done to collect signatures in support of the incumbent president. But — violation of the Electoral Code, according to which the administration has no right to collect signatures to put pressure, using his official position. Besides, I — a citizen of the Russian Federation, and can not sign for the presidential candidate. But the passport details and signature required from me. I ask that on the basis of this fact have tested and made a decision on the possible further involvement of Alexander Lukashenko in an election campaign ".

Reports of similar situations throughout the last month came from different regions of Belarus. Opposition activists have recorded these events and send the application to the Central Election Commission — about the same as that sent in his letter to you, Mr. Cyril. But hopes that the result of this will be essential to any campaign of Alexander Lukashenko consequences — actually no. The previous presidential campaigns of 2001 and 2006, years when something like this happens, it is conclusively demonstrated.

Care of the election campaign and multiple years of presidential candidate Sergei Haidukevich impress the listener Basil cornflowers with Radoshkovichi Maladzechna area. Upon learning the news, and that Gajdukevich called presidential elections in Belarus, "performance", Mr Cornflower writes:

"Most likely, Haidukevich command — to go the distance. Indeed, in this situation, it was unnecessary. And to be precise — superfluous ballast. Indeed, among the candidates is not really iconic figures — Kozulin, Milinkevich Kalyakina, Liabedzka. Without them, the opposition will score very few votes . Haidukevich And the problem is and was to divert votes from the opposition. As the delay is nothing, why the authorities Gajdukevich? Will only get in the way. Will not it — its voters may vote for Lukashenko.

If Gajdukevich really believes this election performance, then let in protest after the election will bring out even if their action group — 10,000 people. But he will not bring any. And he will not, and will pasmeyvatstsa watching in a comfortable chair in front of a TV, as do others.

Candidates are now fighting not to Lukashenko, and the system he created. In this system, the officials, on which the fate of the common man's life is comfortable. And even if you imagine the incredible — that Lukashenko would withdraw his candidacy — the system will put the presidency of exactly the same. A fight with the much more complex than one person ".

I do not think Mr. Cornflower that the Belarusian bureaucracy are quite satisfied with Lukashenko and that she so selflessly willing to defend it created a state model. Many high-ranking officials from the glances of envy on their Russian colleagues. There's a high position automatically means admission to a large business (if not the official, his close relatives). Distinctive example — a career of former Moscow Mayor Luzhkov, whose wife quickly earned billions of dollars in that city, who led her husband. One can not say that Belarusian officials are trying to learn from this example. But in today's Belarus do it openly — is risky. Neither the head of a large or small power "hierarchy" in Belarus would not dare to openly demonstrate earned "overwork" millions of dollars. Although millionaires among them, apparently, a lot. And hardly pleases them a semi-underground status.

In a recent program of our listeners Nicholas Busel village of Dubrova Svetlahorsk area, challenging the widespread stereotype of gentleness and tolerance of others' views of the Belarusians to have written about themselves and about others rather rudely: "We, Belarusians, intolerant stubborn goats." Agrees with this assessment the other a longtime listener and author Constantine Syrel of Ushacha. Responding Nicholas Busel, he writes:

"Maybe Nick and spoke too quickly, but in fact he was right. Voltaire once wrote," I may not agree with your opinion, but is willing to give their lives for your right to express it. "Try saying this to try to most of us , Belarusians, especially to our "vsenarodnaabranaga" and you make sure that it suits us as a cow horse.

And our way of life? More of us are drinking may only Russian. But the fact that we drink is impressive. On average, more than 11 liters of pure alcohol per person! But if you take, for example, my family (me, wife, daughter, son, daughter, and two grandchildren), then we all drink for the year is not more than three liters of pure alcohol. By excluding these families, children, the sick, we find that at least half of the country's drink twice as much average 11 liters, which means it is permanently drunk. That actually observed.

About hard work. Is a
lso a myth for fools, invented by politicians. First, it's quality, not compatible with the previous paragraph. Kill it after a three-day binge four nails and glory — oh, what I'm hardworking. During his very long life, I seen so many psevdapratsavitastsi "anyhow with it", which sometimes wonder how everyone else in the country parazvalvalasya.Prykladav — a million, but one day every eye calluses. Two opposite walls of the room of my apartment, which now sit, have a difference of 18 centimeters! Interior walls of the apartment are inclined to 7 centimeters in height of only 2.5 meters! Plastering — humps put tile — a problem, exterior brick walls are composed of more or less well to the second floor, above — a barn shed! And that, in my five-storey nor touch (and repopulating I in 1991), from the basement to the roof — all of it! And all the other ladies of the district center — the average is not better "- wrote in his letter to the" Freedom "Constantine Syrel of Ushacha. —

"The yard of my house for 19 years resembles a war, sometimes unconsciously expect that because of the angle of the house next door out into a clattering tracks, tank yes exactly bang on my windows. Strange that I still have at least some sense of humor survived after I'm out in this yard for 19 years. We, the inhabitants of the neighboring houses, somehow try to make the court of the divine appearance, but which can be do without technology? Well, once we have planted a few bushes with his wife of three varieties of lilac, jasmine. Neighbors — maple, birch, juniper. Each year we plant flowers at the entrances. And that's all we can. And our yard is available 20 meters from the building of the district executive committee! What can we say about the others? Extrapolating to the rest of the construction industry's production activities Belarusians (people are the same!), We can say that everything else is the same.

A desire to grab someone else's? The very number of times the victim. And how many times my basement "clean", and giving, and technology. I remember a children's bike bought four daughters, beautiful, expensive, from Vitebsk was carrying … A week later stolen! So it was a pity, because my daughter was crying … As for the collective farm or state property — where to download something even sin is not counted. Only one case of recall. Near one of the villages of Vitebsk, where my relatives farm planted garden. Apple seedlings, a few hundred — the best varieties! So after a year and a half, no one left! Not one!

In general, you can write a lot about what we are white and fluffy. But if you approach it objectively, the we, Belarusians, especially nothing to boast ".

So, Mr. Constantine, that with samavskhvalennem in Belarusian society is not all right — a lot of clear evidence. One of my foreign friend, after hearing on Belarusian TV on extreme hard work, education and moderation Belorussians, could not understand: if all around are well-educated and hard-working — why wages are so low in the country, according toWhat people tolerate authoritarian regime if it is obvious that there, in the European Union, and the standard of living is higher and more opportunities? And what are your village, says: just go away a kilometer from the main road — the scenery reminiscent of films about the fortress village of the 19th century: the curves of gray huts, impassable mud in the street, all the communal facilities — for the crib … And it's — really …

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write on "Freedom." Since you were Valentin Zhdanko. Write to us, previous address: Minsk-5, mailbox one hundred and eleventh

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