Koschei the Immortal — demonic creature of the world of the Dark Navi


Koschei the Immortal — demonic creature dark world Navi.
And how would Koschey not boasted, he was always defeated, because Bes_smertny. Koschei Immortal are the lords of the Grey and they like to organize a defense. Therefore, no kalena boom, nor sword, seasoned with herbs, Koschei the Deathless are not taken.
And it only takes a sword kladenets. How is this different from the tempered sword?

Kladenets sword — is a powerful information weapon as the sword was RUNOVYAZ, ie some spell. It created a special energy structure of power around the Sword. Thus the sword is weapon magic.
Magic Sword punched any negative energy protection, as There is nothing stronger than the Slavic Runes.

But Koschei Immortal — moralist, a vegetarian eating "porridge and soup." Slavs and say: "soup and porridge — our food."
People, eating properly and keeping the other laws Grandparent, can live as long as possible, so it is called "immortal." As you know, the death of Koschei is hare, duck, pike and egg problem, ie in the food, which is prohibited Vedic culture ("kosch" — means "ancient").

Images of animals in fairy tales.

Images of animals in fairy tales — a description of the Halls, or people and their communication, which protected the Halls of data, or the animals themselves.
The names were given to the appropriate patron Rod: who patron Rod Wolf — Wolf, Fox — Lisin, Bear — Medvedev etc. At birth rods and shields depicting patrons Rod.
Our ancestors knew the true names of the animals, as living in harmony with nature. Therefore, the World Wildlife helped people.
A small child, listening to a fairy tale, sees the image entirely. He is also a partner of this picture. For example, in the "Tale of the Clear Falcon" Nastya went for their restriction to the Fairy palaces.
The child is next to the heroine, she empathizes. Along with her travels through the universe in the heavenly chariot, flies from one solar system to another.
So develop a good man and good qualities: empathy, compassion, a desire to help in a difficult situation …
Russian folk tales are hereditary treasure of spiritual experience of our ancestors, their knowledge of the law and being the scion of the worlds, fame, Reveal and Navi. For a knowledgeable person, these stories appear inexhaustible fount of wisdom that helps people understand the depth of the hidden life of the Russian people.
A careful reading and study of fairy tales identifies eight semantic levels.

Source: Based on Lessons Asgardskogo seminary Old Russian Orthodox Old Believers' Church Ingliisticheskoy Ynglings. Lecturer Pater Dy.
And the book of A. Trehlebova "Koschuny Finist — Clear Falcon Russia"

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