Kudrin Lukashenko: There will be no privatization — not loans

Large-scale privatization of Belarusian assets — a condition of the loan EAEC Minsk, said Friday the Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin.

His comments came after statements Lukashenko that he would not allow "gangster privatization."

"The fact that privatization is one of the most important sources of currency and currency just need to maintain the balance of payments, respectively, to solve the monetary problems of Belarus. Do not privatize — it means not getting the currency, thereby not solve these problems, the Belarusian problems. So, of course, it is a condition of the loan "- quoted by Interfax Kudrin.

May 30 will be a meeting of the expert Rada EurAsEC anti-crisis fund, and on June 4 — a meeting at which a decision is expected on stabilization loan for Belarus 3 billion — by 1 billion per year during 2011-2013.

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