Lada C Day — Mother!


Elet 40, Summer 7519 S.M.Z.H. on May 20 this year

Lada C Day — Mother!


Loving and gentle mother of the Gods of Light Majority of the Great Race, the Virgin, patroness of all the people of the Great Russenia (territory, which settled the Great Race, ie Slavic and Aryan tribes and nations) and the Hall of Los Svarog Circle.

Goddess Lada was not in the pantheon of Slavic gods, they do not go in there and Rod
— ancestor of all life on earth. Both of these deities were that

called, "the blood of the Slavs" from birth — they were an integral part of
Slavic worldview. Lada Love was one of the first principles of the world
Slavs, without Rod would never have made the people. His favorite Russian
Slavs called the name Lada Ladushki and harmony in the house was a Slav
the result of the patronage of the Goddess of Love — Lada.
"Ancient Slavs gave her name Lada, and connected with it, perhaps no less
words and concepts than with Rod. They all relate to the establishment of
order "to get along", "ESTABLISH" and so on. The order in this case was thought to
first family: "Harmony", "Lado LADA" — affectionate appeal to
beloved husband, wife. "Laden" — so the wedding conspiracy.
Bulgarian "LADuvane" — a divination of the bridegroom. "

"Vladimir to his baptism, being amorous and around collecting beauties
very honored this very Queen of love. He raised up on her great grief
decorated church. G. KHERASKOV so shalt describes:
Temple Ladin colorful stolpamiSpletennymi proud of roses hung round the tsepami.Boginya, lad in his hand,

Was in the beads and the myrtle wreath;

She has dismissed Vlasov, like Zlata;

Generosity ee flowers bring to the board.

"Vladimir", Ode III. ».

"Serving this goddess was similar to its properties. In her honor, sang songs and
bringing flowers.The girls surrounded the idol in the rank of a slender, with a tender goddess sang: "Oh, our youth storing the flowers!

Dai, Ludo, peaceful marriage us you! "

Mastic before her like a cloud burn,

And the name of the Lada was repeated a hundred times.

While cymbals thundered loud sound;

Sacrificial virgins, making a chain of hands,

When made a nice voice lira

Plyasane began with songs round the idol.

Come before the altar, and priests and priestesses,

For girls wearing bogininy crowns

Which were on the laying on of the sacred,

Prince is obliged to repair the love and respect.

Vladimir watered by launching ceremony such

And hands and forehead with holy water. — Journal of Vedic culture

Description of service to the Goddess of love Lada elsewhere author "Vladimir
Revival "added this:Redder dawn otrokovitsyNesut have flowers in the temple of love queen; Preobraschaetsya platform in beautiful meadow

And the young maidens were round the idol.

Burning number of stars they portray,

That the moon is surrounded by a brilliant …

Is one between now shines more than anyone …

She was preparing to crown the first lot,

Which at the girls vzlagaet Prince il priest. "

Generally love our ancestors attached great importance, and
SPIRITUAL highest order. Slavic young men and women were equal
his love — family units have entered into only by mutual
consent of the bride and groom. So our ancestors, of which fairy tales can often
meet finicky beauty-princess who rejects one
bride after another, and her father can not do anything about it — "freestyle
will. "
Bride bride and groom were a reflection of the equal status
girls and boys. Coley did not like each other, wedding
upset. However, with the advent of Christianity changed a lot and
customs, and one of the components of engagement — the blessing of their parents,
has precedence over the freedom of love (not from all the trouble you went
the Russian people, it is well known that only a free man
may have the same free of his descendants).


But that speaks of love Pater Dy Alexander:
"Love has nothing to do with the biological concept that
used now in daily use. LOVE — a concept
Heaven, soul and spirit. It awakens in man is very powerful
Divine creative force. These forces in man transform everything:
Soul, and Spirit. And, as a consequence, it is enlightening and
transformation. "

Magazine "Vedic culture-2 (2004)»

And it's about. Alexander about the system of education of the Slavs:"Boys and girls, parents brought up by a special system,
according to the foundations of God and Goddess Lady.Devochkam Rod said, "Boy — is the future man, a warrior, master,
head of the family, the father of future children, defender Rod. " Therefore, it should be
be treated with love and respect, as God Rod.

The boy says: "The girl — the future of Lada, the future owner,
Goddess is homemaker, mother of future children. Therefore, it
to love, respect and honor as a goddess Lada. "

Already small children perceive these simple truths from their parents,
because for all Slavic children, their parents were the model for
follow. When creating a new family unit, then the relationship with
young couple were clean and bright, like the gods living on earth.

What the couple could be disputes and conflicts, if they
treat each other as to the Gods. "

Magazine "Vedic culture-2 (2004)." — Journal of Vedic cultureA few words about. Alexander of the bride:

"Matchmakers first went, looking for a bride for the groom the cities and villages.
The very concept of the word "bride", has diverse meaning. Bride —
Girl, "taken from nowhere", that is, betrothed to another Vesey
(State or Province). Slav girl from an early age was given the ability to "vestovat"
that is, to take news of the Gods sponsors of this genus.
When she was growing up, and it is already beginning to make a match, she stopped
vestovat, that is, to bring to the attention of the gods of their parents
Kind. Knowing the mission, she was getting ready to put into the world Reveal
Gods of her future husband, Rod, that is, to extend another
Slavo-Aryan race ".

Magazine "Vedic culture-2 (2004)." — Journal of Vedic culture
That's it, no more and no less. Now, remember to compare
treatment of women in other nations and in other religions. Is not it true
big difference.

Now listen to the story of. Alexander of Russian engagement and wedding:

"Matchmakers agreed on the bride and groom, along with him
himself, came to the house of the bride. During the meal, the bride filed for
Buffet meals and all sorts, and then, glancing at the groom, who
examined it. If they like each other at first sight, the
matchmaking was considered valid.

In the chamber, the bride sent to the woman and asked, "At the heart of it
you come from? '. If she says "yes" — then the bride
place. If "No", then — no. The groom asked the same thing. If
she did not like the guy, so he was advised to look better
(Could be additional bride).

The groom is not just looking at the bride — what her face, spit body.
He judged — whether it deserves to be the mother of his children? He tried
see in it the Lada — the mother of their future children, followers of his race.

It is with the mutual consent of the girl and the boy groom and anoint
bride. If they did not like each other — hence, the suit is not
place. Guests gave gifts girl's parents and left. "

As seen in this story, was born, the parents of bride and groom were not the
role in this process (after all, in a sense, this
lay divine command of God Rod, it was associated with
history and continuation of Slavic birth).

"… Successful courtship ended with an engagement, the term Wedding Parents
Young coordinated with the priests, but this period was at least two
Slavic months (40 +41 = 81 days). During this period, the bride and groom
finally determined to choose, studying spiritual qualities one
other. "
By the way, the couple lived in Slavs away from their parents, but "for the eyes."
Again, from the story of. Alexandra:
"Before the consecration ceremony matrimony, all the men of two kinds
going — and the groom's father in front of towers put another tower, with
all master's buildings to the young couple from the start
their life together had their housing and facilities.

Housing father and son stood — face to face. Therefore, there was all
known concept — the "street." In the face of his father. Constructed so that the young
lived in the eyes of the parents, adjusting their lives to the life of the older
kinsmen. "

And this is how our ancestors liked:
"In the past couple, a family, love doing during the day,
to the great strength that comes from Yarily — Sun lit mutual feelings
Love couple and gave them the opportunity to conceive a clean, bright, desirable
child. It was attended by spiritual approach to the extension of its
ancient family, the beautiful and the good health of their offspring. "

"So, the wedding took place in the afternoon. After meeting and treats guests
Young sent to the bedchamber of new choir was closed and did not disturb
them until the morning. Newlyweds in the day conceiving their first child. "Journal" Vedic culture-2 (2004). " — Journal of Vedic cultureThis statement of the priest, though harsh, but it is true:

"Those who do not wish to return to their ancestral roots, and continue to think
only to satisfy their sexual needs and instincts,
live at the level of males and females. "This divine energy of love, means the patron goddess

"They say that a man makes a girl a woman, and a young man makes a woman
male. Everything is connected. Woman not only gets its power from
men, but it opens the channels of communication with the Divine world, with
which it has been linked to childhood, at a time of life when she
vestovala for his family. Now, opening communication with your spouse
Divine world, it gives him the opportunity to get out
more vitality and become a true Priest of sorts.

In dealing with the child's father, under the influence of spiritual forces of the child,
open up additional areas of awareness of the world. Father
receives from the gods and ancestors of the more spiritual power. This power father
does not receive from the child, and through him. Child in it opens
spiritual links with the Power Rod, and the father recovers its
Vital Force, who gave birth to a child. Therefore it is said:
"Sixteen bear children, sixteen additional channels of communication with
Originally opened. " Therefore, each wanted to have a hereditary terms, ie
Sixteen children. "

Magazine "Vedic culture-2 (2004)." — Journal of Vedic kulturaVot such divine laws used by our ancient ancestors.
Forgetting about them, we cut down trees with axes a Roda.Slavyanam generally tend nobility (the good kind), which
past history has played a cruel joke with them. Others can not always
Measured by yourself. That is why one of the rules of the Russian hostel were
Rita laws — the laws of purity Rod. Only in this case could be
sure that the laws will honor thy ancestors and descendants
Rod will make your most powerful and divine, so good (after all,
Russian differently afford it and had no idea.)

A few words about love and marriage in an interview on. Alexandra:

"The laws of RITA and our ancient faith does not recognize the theory of Darwin
origin of species. Our seminarians is a joke: "If Charles
Darwin descended from monkeys, then it is a personal problem. "Word Semites compound, Charles Darwin, as a scientist, it could not know,
simia — Latin for monkey, eidos — the Greek form, ie simian
look. "

"In the Book of Wisdom Perun said:

"Do not let your daughters to Strangers …, because the first man at the
daughter leaves Images of the Spirit and the Blood "
(Santee 8, sloka 11). "
"The trouble is that our scientific thought is not able to realize that
biological processes in the body to control the energy of the Spirit. Life —
is the existence of different kinds of energy. "" The man who violates his virginity, not only to convey the image of the Spirit and
Blood of a kind, but also gives the energy of one year of his life. "" If he lives with his wife, in which he was the first man in life, he
only the first time the energy reserves of one year, how many contacts with
his wife before the birth of the first child he may be. After birth
first child, the next contact, he gives his wife the energy nine months
for the birth of her second child, etc. And if a man is bezporyadochnuyu
sexual life, through sexual contact, it gives every woman the energy
one year of my life. "

Magazine "Vedic culture-1 (2004)." — Journal of Vedic cultureWhat conclusion can be drawn from the above?

Observe the laws of his blood ancestors, the laws of God and the Goddess Rod
Lada Love — and your life on earth will last happily ever after.

Happy Holidays!

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