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"Below us is someone". This emotional exclamation American ufologist belonged to Alan Polansky, with a small group of researchers in 2005 went to the abandoned South American mountain lake in the mountains, from which the stories of the travelers accidentally wandered there, heard strange sounds.


Lake Svetloyar the most famous in Russia, where they hear strange noises. But there are other similar lakes

After nearly a week of waiting the researchers, who were in an inflatable boat also be heard and recorded by a hydrophone. "These sounds can not belong to any biological beings and nature are clearly man-made origin" — summarized in a report the expedition leader.

Two engineers from St. Petersburg, to the right into the Meshchora, going to just relax in nature, fishing. Says one of them, Vitaly Sychev:

— In modern times, vacationers find nezagazhennoe lake — the problem. In the past year, we have chosen just such a little lake, like right out of the forest jeep skidded, three tough guys taken off the jet ski and trailer with a roar and thunder began to drive around the lake to scare away all the fish. We pull up stakes and moved deeper into the forest, where in a very inaccessible place already has a small lake Specific. It is small, but is rumored to have its depth exceeds 20 meters. With him we had a single light aircraft "naduvnushka."

One of us was fishing from a boat, the other from the shore. And here I am, sailed up the middle of the lake, he heard strange sounds coming from the depths. In my youth I worked in a factory, and the sound reminded me most of all strokes and hissing steam hammer. But for many miles around there was no production. Then the sounds died away and heard the other — as if someone had often beaten into the rail. My friend on the beach did not hear any sound, but when the afternoon it was his turn to catch the boat, he heard them, too. A night in a tent on the beach after sunset, we heard the sounds dimensional, as if someone was hitting the big bell. They lasted about fifteen minutes.

Legend of the Sunken City of Kitezh, the bells that still can be heard on the shore Svetloyar, well known to many, and we will not dwell on it. However, the legend of the sunken cities and churches, ringing bells which can be heard up to now exist in many countries on all continents.

For example, in England, in the Snowdon National Park in the county of Wales is a large lake — Llyn Bala, a kind of Celtic analogue Svetloyar. According to local legend, it is at the bottom of the sunken city. In calm weather you can see the house and the walls and hear the bells of the churches. This city was once ruled by King Tegid Foel with Queen Karidven, reputed to be a witch. According to the same legend, she was the mother of the father of the great Merlin.

Who reigned in England in the years 1066-1087 by William the Conqueror was so fond of hunting that razed entire villages and towns, to breed in their place the forest. Only in the royal park in the Hemisphere was destroyed about 30 cemeteries and churches, and in their place planted forest. One church was located on a hill near a small lake, the roads at that time (other than Roman) is almost not there and do the will of the King "team", destroying the church, threw rocks into the lake along with the bell. And now some tourists claim to hear coming out of the lake bells, and especially impressionable — and motets.

But underwater bells — these are just some of the observed in places such strange sounds. In the Nizhny Novgorod region, Vorotynskaya area, there is a forest lake Small rafts enjoying still notorious among local residents. In local archives was found "memorandum" steward addressed stolnik Golovin: "The fish in the lake has become finely, and that reason is: increased Sered Island Lake osmnadtsat yards in the cross bar, that's a fish and left. On the island is obscene happening: heard barking so stingy that ringing in the ears, but the lights are burning hormones, but the earth howling howls. "

Unfortunately, no special research "howling" and "ringing" of lakes have been conducted. Your letters locals hydrogeologists usually fobbed off with standard references to some karst processes, even in places where there was no karst. It was only in the late 80's of the last century occurred in many cities of the United anomalschikov enthusiasts began to travel to such places, unfortunately, with a minimum of self-made equipment.

For example, in a village near Vitebsk Tishkovo at a place called "bolotinkoy", showed his Svetloyar — there is, however, not from the depths of the water and out of the ground heard a sound like bells. July 6, 2004 here came a group of researchers from the Belarusian Committee of UFO. Unfortunately, during their stay underground bells were silent, but local residents told researchers about another strange anomaly. In 2002, in the night sky appeared a strange composition, consisting of a luminous cross, and out from it the light paths, passing into the light cone. Someone was reminded of church domes. In the morning a strange celestial figure inexplicably imprinted on the ground under the place where he observed. Local residents have dug up just in case this piece of land.

A few more fortunate group of association "Kosmopoisk" that went into exploration on an artificial lake, located 50 kilometers from Kazan. Near the lake and its environs Strange things happen: we hear unusual sounds, like the creaking doors, grinding metal, if not machine guns and human groans. Local ufologists, describing this place as a "zone of acoustic hronomirazhey" for some reason did not try to explore it in detail until its details were not included in the file "Kosmopoisk." Group of four people under the leadership of Maria Petrova during the day examined the vicinity of the lake. The machine gun he could not hear, but squeaks and pops of unknown origin.

As for the nature of abnormal sounds and voices, seen in such places, by karst "theory" can only add even more vague explanation. Some experts on bioenergy argue that certain natural processes can cause powerful energy emissions that cause people altered state of consciousness, including auditory hallucinations. But what about those cases where these "hallucinations" could be recorded on a tape recorder?

And finally, among the UFO popular hypothesis that the water of the lake lens is a kind of acoustic lens amplifying sounds from beneath them labyrinth "underground civilization" or underground as strangers bases.

Magazine "UFO" 2007

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