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A few weeks ago, residents of a house in the village of vasmikvaternaga Malech sent a statement to the executive committee with Berezovsky requirement to solve the problems of their community. If the requirements are not resolved until December 19, people threatened to boycott the elections. Repair work began, but not all done.

The very next day after, as the inhabitants of the house number 36 on the street in the village Soviet Malech sent an ultimatum to the local authorities, there were workers housing, which carried out work to repair sewer. About this says a resident of the village of Anatoli Saharusha:

"Now there is the completion of the sewer repair. Actively poured concrete, lay tile, install plumbing, paving the sanitary facilities.'s Brought the board, I have looked myself that it's dry."

However, residents are unhappy. Although building materials that brought the work is finished. Vladimir outraged resident of the house:

"Have repaired only drains. And this concludes the work. Moreover, there is still no plan to do."

Residents have decided not to repeat their anger with each other, and are preparing another appeal to the leadership of Berezovsky District, demanding: to carry out repairs, otherwise the whole house will ignore the presidential election:

"We have decided to write again. But now do understand that soon will come the cold. When there will be started, it will be quite uncomfortable. And so there are tight deadlines all possible repairs. There this week could consult, and delayed for a month. "

But the tenants are not going to retreat, if their request is not heard, none of them will go to the polls. Continues

the elections will not go if we did not hear


"With the fight, with the dispute resolved gradually These questions. But just agreed that the elections do not go, if we do not hear. "

Residents who a year are turning to local authorities to repair the sewer, to overhaul the building. But only after the ultimatum business off the ground.

Berezovsky's executive committee officials had no immediate comment on the situation.


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