Lefty — the descendants of aliens left-handed?

March 14, 2012 11:20

If abroad or in the country you happen to be in an ancient fortress or castle, note that the gate there — not a simple hole in the wall. They are at an angle, and in order to get into them, you have to go right shoulder against the wall. This is because the fortifications were built in anticipation of the tourist not as the enemy, which he held in his right hand a spear or a sword, and the left — shield. Thus naked during the assault he provided it right, and just to make it easier to pour it on top of boiling tar, or dart.

On Earth for thousands of years is hidden expansion lefties who, without knowing it, are emissaries of the universe is alien to us, descendants of the left-handed aliens visiting Earth once

Spiral staircases in castles are usually twisted, so that has to get up on them in a clockwise direction — is for attacking right-handed, fences upwards was inconvenient — always had to swing into the wall. One of the scientists noticed that the castle of Count Wallenstein (Germany) ladder twisted in the opposite direction. In the study of the history of this kind was found that for several generations, most men in it were left-handed.

For the same reason, in the men's clothing comes for sex left right: before so it was safer to fasten suit of armor — the sword of the enemy could not get into the gap between their parts if attack was the right hand. Handshake — the same idea: the man as a sign of friendship shows her vulnerability, since the right hand was busy.

An interesting hypothesis was put forward at the end of the last century, the English scientist Michael Korballis, who called her theory of the "sword and shield." The idea is to ensure that in the past the ratio of right-handed and left-handed people were the same. However, during the incessant wars more people died from the dominant left hand, which, in turn, has led to the fact that right-handedness gene is more firmly rooted.

In the Middle Ages it was common notion that lefties headed devil, who was the main left-handed, subverted and turns all settings "right", that is, the right of the Divine world. It was believed that the left side — the devil, and the right — divine. This is reflected in the iconography. In the images of Judgment the righteous are to the right of the Saviour, and sinners — the left. For several centuries, left-handedness is under scrutiny Inquisition, often become the cause and the main proof of legal proceedings on the charge of witchcraft. Played a role in this and the fate of lefties Joan of Arc, burned at the stake by the verdict of the Inquisition.

Women left-handed for some reason especially disliked in Victorian England. They have almost no chance to get married — grooms were afraid that children would be born to a woman, will also be left-handed. In Japan in the XX century "levshizm" Women are considered sufficient grounds for divorce.

Dislike for lefties reflected even in some European languages. In English "left" is also a "sinister", "bad", in French — "clumsy" and "dishonest" in Italian, and even worse — "defective."

About the traditional attitude to the lefties in Russia say the popular signs and sayings, "protecting them from the evil eye, you had only to spit over your left shoulder," "He stood with his left foot, the whole day goes awry," "birthmark on his left shoulder — will remain an old maid" in Russian fairy tales heroes often warned: "To the left you will go — get lost."

Law discriminated against lefties in Russia and at the official level. Under Peter I, for example, testimony in court lefties have not been taken into account, as, by the way, and the testimony and red curves. It was believed that "God is aiming Rogue", and curvature ryzhina and handedness put a man out of the law, trust and respect of society.

It turns out that left-handers may give us a clue as to where we fly to NGOs. That is proved in 90-ies of XX century ufologist Peter Spree. "Once on the planet visited by the expedition from a parallel universe — says P. Spree — looks very much like the aliens people had not only a powerful technique, but also developed paranormal abilities. Not surprisingly, our ancestors saw them with the gods came down from the sky. Later earthly women gave birth to these "gods" children. Was it genetic experiment, forced assimilation were not able to return home to the world traveler?
"If we believe the alternate hypothesis — wrote a famous researcher of anomalous phenomena Igor Tsarev — virtually all the brilliant people of the Earth, without knowing it, have in their home aliens from" mirror space. " And one of the most famous of these is the great genius of Leonardo da Vinci — painter and sculptor of the Renaissance, as well as a great engineer, designer, mathematician, anatomist. Leonardo left behind 7,000 pages of notebooks and manuscripts, the contents of which confuses historians many devices and apparatus, shown there, there were only a few centuries later, and some are not built yet. Versatile genius Leonardo so did not fit into the overall picture of the Middle Ages, some quite serious researchers speculated that the author of the famous Mona Lisa — a time traveler that crashed in the Renaissance and has failed to return to their future. "

Science explains the division of people into right and left-handed feature of the device in our brain. The right hemisphere is responsible for the left half of the body. And vice versa. For numeracy, speak and think logically meets the left hemisphere. The right half of the brain creates a visual thinking, musicality and sense of orientation in space and time. On which hemisphere is more advanced, independent and personality rights. In general, we can say that these are two different types of people with different mind and attitude. Although outwardly they are no different between them is hidden evolutionary struggle. And in the end will win left-handed. They are already winning, it's not by chance that parapsychologists are concerned that more and more children are born, endowed with abnormal powers.

Left-handers in the world about 15%. One out of five with the same success, and has the right and the left hand. 20% — hidden Left-can also use the left and right, but choose the right one.

Among many lefties creative people — actors, musicians and artists. Suffice it to mention the names of Michelangelo, Rodin, Picasso, Rubens, Durer, Andersen, Mark Twain, Paganini, Mozart, Kafka, Nietzsche, Rachmaninov, Charlie Chaplin, Paul McCartney, David Duchovny, Ringo Starr, Julia Roberts, Robert De Niro, Nicole Kidman . However, many of them prominent figures and other plan: Queen Elizabeth, Napoleon, Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc, and so most of our contemporaries, the famous left-handed — the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates But all this hypothesis would be a shaky structure, castle in the sand, if it was impossible for her to bring the base, based on the discoveries of modern physics. It is directly related to the problems of leftism-pravizny. Established that our universe is asymmetric. It all (from helices and sea shells to galaxies) is twisted to one side. According to Einstein's theory, it is connected with the properties of space — time in our world. But, according to scientists, there is a "mirror (about us) Universe," spun the other way. This "parallel world" may occasionally come into contact with our own. Apparently, although this is not proven, the influence of "Looking Glass" and leads to a left-handed people, capable of clairvoyance. This is understandable, if their time moving in a different direction than ours, then they should be open for our future. And if so, lefties have a significant advantage over us, right-handers.

In the castle of Count Wallenstein ladder twisted in the opposite direction

If Peter succession rights, on the Earth for thousands of years is hidden expansion lefties who, without knowing it, are emissaries of the universe is alien to us, descendants of the left-handed aliens visiting Earth once …

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