Levies in school: donate or not — is voluntary

Usually twice a year — in the fall, when the new school year starts, and in the spring before when you have to make repairs — in the schools is the season of so-called extortion. Parents are raising money for the needs of the school or on the things needed for a study or a comfortable stay in the classroom kids. As far as it is legal where the money parents can do without requisitions?

Secondary education in Belarus — a free and accessible, and it is guaranteed by Article 49 of the Constitution. But each of the parents of school children to share in any money costing study. Least, a "Minimal" (35000) to list on the official account of the school. then begin requisitions to the needs of the class. This concept is extremely broad: from the little things, like for drinking water, disposable dishes and toilet paper, continuing DVD-players, fluorescent light and ending renovated.

Grandmother of two granddaughters, one of the capital's most prestigious high schools, Mrs. Anna said:

"Mugs paid, optional paid. Generally for one child in the school to about 200,000 per month. As the two kids, get about 100 euros. For the class of older girls needed Buy shelves, some drawers, something else. The school building stands on the site for over 100 years. Why children gather each year on the furniture? Perhaps it should oversee the Ministry of Education. Finally, the purchase of furniture for the classes — it is his concern. "

But the mother of a boy from another school capital Irina says:

"In the past such extortions were. We met last year at a receiver, then at some benefits. In This year, something strange: September 1, we have collected some pennies, a little money on toilet paper. Apparently, something has changed, probably for something else will be collecting … And there are times, of course, when the holiday season like the Teacher's Day or Women's Day is collected by 5-10 thousand for gifts. A so that the needs of the school, recently there is no such ".

Belarusian legislation there is no statute which would have forced parents to transfer any funds to the account or donate money to the school. Local authorities and the Ministry of Education, they say, are spending enough money on maintenance of schools, state education officers. Teachers say the opposite:

I like the class teacher is obliged to make repairs in the classroom. For what means?

"Officially they are not even allowed to take a penny from the parents. So for all the money and I'll send 5 copies of the newspapers "Young rescuer", "awkward age"? We write papers are not wanted in the class spoiled, broken furniture. In general, the repair is carried out by the parents. I like the class teacher is obliged to make repairs in the classroom. For what means? "

That accounts for teachers to seek financial support from their parents. And, if earlier collection of additional funds involved parent committees, now that body is called by the Board of Trustees, said the inspector one district Board of Education Mrs. Svetlana:

"The Board of Trustees shall collect, not the parents' committee and board of trustees. And everything goes to the school fund. Since now all the major complaint, every second, go to the exactions of money, at least on paper, when you check, all right. There are election of the board of trustees have reports: You have such a sum in one class acquired fluorescent lights, in another — cornices … That is quite an open reporting. "

Head of the School of Education of the Ministry of Education Yuri Gladkov says that if there are cases of gathering funds, it is only at the initiative of the parents:

"I do not really like it when they say" school levies. " This is wrong. This is extortion, which may have made on the school grounds. And become one of the parents of the other parent. The fact that the teachers do not have such features make these exactions, to take money from the parents. Who is this seen to be fired immediately. There is a board of trustees, is the position of the board of trustees, and everything is spelled out. The school administration by the director, teachers, nothing to do does not matter. These are some parents take money from other parents. "

Moreover, as noted by an official of the Ministry of Education, Yuri Gladkov, parents are often on their own initiative and are behind, picking at things is not essential either for chic repair.

The child went to first grade. The teacher says, "We need a laptop."

Thus, If the board of trustees gives the nod, and the parents agree fundovat, it can be in the classroom, even Eurorepair do windows install. Most often, the needs of the class or school parents learn from teachers or principals who do not make, do not even ask, and recommend the Board of Trustees to purchase necessities.

Starshaklyasnitsy mother Galina is convinced:

"I think the size of the levies depends on the conscience of teachers. When the teacher is normal, everything is completely limited to the appropriateness of: toilet paper, on the water, on a napkin — in the hands of the school have not been getting through, she would have more holes to patch. But when the teacher, for example, requires a laptop, as it was in my friend's … The child went to first grade. The teacher says, "We need a laptop." Why first-grade laptop and a 25 pupils will divide it among themselves? It is clear who needs a laptop, and they shall see his children in the classroom. "

Donate or not to donate money for repairs, new furniture or toilet paper — it is entirely voluntary, says Inspector of Education Mrs. Svetlana.

"If you zavpartsissya and say," I will not take the money, "with you, no one can demand anything other than" fe "teachers. If this does not touch you, you can never take. Any levies — voluntary. "

Thus, take the money or not — it's up to parents.


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