Liabedzka accused the vertical in the preparation of fraud

Opposition parties hold dozens of lawsuits challenging the non-inclusion of their representatives to the district election commissions. Positive judgments yet. In the Central District Court of Minsk, the leader of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko accused the Central district of Minsk in preparation for rigging the presidential election.

One of those who were not included in the 33rd Precinct Election Commission of Belarus became the chairman of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko. Joining him in the commission of the Central district did not get more than 40 activists of the party. Judgment of the Central District of UCP has denied in court. Interests of the party represented by the process Anatoly Lebedko.

In court identified a mechanism of how it was done. Preparation of solutions for the creation of 52 local commissions engaged head of the legal work of Elena Byazruchka. She also represented the interests of the district administration in court. November 2 Mrs. Byazruchka submitted to a meeting of the administration a draft resolution, which was unanimously approved by the officials. Voting lists, nominations put forward by the commission members did not discuss. In all commissions fell by 11 persons, although the law allows you to form a committee consisting of up to 19 people. Place the opposition in commissions in part is not found, but there have got almost all the candidates put forward by the pro-government organizations and parties: Belarusian Republican Youth Union, "White Russia", Social and Sports Party.

To specified in the court of the question, what guided the administration of the Central District, set a limit on the number of members of the commissions in 11 people Elena Byazruchka said: "The experience of previous election campaigns." She also explained that no specific criteria for the selection of candidates and the Commission was that the administration acted within its competence.

When asked Anatoly Lebedko, with what reason, refused him and 40 of the UCP activists, Ms. Byazruchka paid attention only to the fact that their application has been filed on the last day, while recognizing that there is no violation of the law.

Anatoly Lebedko in his closing remarks at the trial concluded:

"For me it is clear that the administration of the Central district of Minsk had been working on the rigging of the presidential campaign in the district. They refused to representatives of the opposition parties in the UCP right to take part in the work of election commissions and to monitor them. "

This statement does not react any administration official, nor the judge, nor the prosecutor. Silent. According to Anatoly Lebedko, UCP and its presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk suffered from political discrimination. Priority parties as agents of political activity, enshrined in the Constitution and the laws generally been ignored. And it was not only in the Central district of the capital, and not only with respect to the UCP. Discrimination suffered by all the opposition parties — the national opposition in election commissions will represent only a quarter percent of the total composition.

This blatant discrimination suggests that Lukashenka Sikorski and Westerwelle says one thing and does another.

However, Anatoly Lebedko believes that solutions need to challenge such and such actions only on the UCP filed dozens of ships. Despite the fact that no court has yet to support the opposition. Including the Central District Court of Minsk, who acknowledged that the administration acted within its competence.

Liabedzka"We must speak through actions such that it is unconstitutional, it is not pluralism, that is discrimination … In many regions, we just were not our representatives in commissions. In Saligorsk — neither one person, in the Mogilev region — not one. This blatant discrimination suggests that Lukashenka Sikorski and Westerwelle says one thing and does another. "

According to human rights Harry Pahanyaila, reason for such decisions — not only in the bias administrations and courts, but also inaccuracies in the electoral law:

"Judges are moving away from the actual study of the case, from the problems being talked about applicants — Discrimination political party, for example. It is not even reflected in the decisions of the courts, as far as we analyze the current election campaign. The judges formally leave from the issue, although political pluralism and participation of the political parties in the electoral process is a priority for the Constitution. "



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