Lietuvos rytas: For political show needed Lukashenko?

In Lithuania, where apparently have already forgotten about the political debate around the diplomatic policy of the country, a new shot rang out. So begins a comment in today's issue of "Lietuvos rytas" deputy editor Marius Laurinavicius.

Acquaint you with the content of comment:

"Tory MP M.Adamenas, which, by the way, do not bother to work either in the parliamentary foreign affairs committee, any committee of European Affairs, yesterday announced publicly about the danger.

Policy scared message that published last week, agency Reuters. It quoted an unnamed euroallied diplomats who said that the president D.Grybavskaytse allegedly believes winning the Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko in the December elections to provide more stability in Belarus.

Expressing great concern, but stressed that he still speaks of the "betrayal", M.Adamenas demanded that D.Grybavskaytse publicly denied its support for Lukashenko.

Really impressive "value" conservative position. All the more so, that the debate on foreign policy in Lithuania is extremely necessary. Only sincerity M.Adamenasa somehow hard to believe.

It's hard because M.Adamenas did not score in the alarm bells last fall. Then pompous reception Lukashenka in Vilnius had cast significant doubt.

And now a little different. Neither action D.Grybavskaytse, not a word against it, and not to associate suspicion. A demand that the president has publicly denied the anonymous posts of support to Lukashenko, and even a little funny. And not just because the world diplomatic practice, the Heads of State does not comment on anonymous allegations.

Just M.Adamenasu should at least ask what D.Grybavskaytse recently made in Minsk. He would have recognized that the President met there with representatives of the opposition and expressed their support.

So why is there no conservative or ssyul decided to have a little show? Maybe this is an attempt to "value" of foreign policy to cover your trail of scandals that runs behind it yourself? "- Asked rhetorically comment author.

Sejm deputy Mantas Adomenas last years has been involved in various political scandals. The loudest of them driven by him getting touched by the Institute of democratic politics LTL 2.5 million as a result of a public competition to design reytyngavannya Lithuanian universities. While Adomenas was both deputy and could influence the adoption of the decision.

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