Life beyond the threshold of perfect otnyut not for everyone


In recent times there are publications about the state experienced a moment of clinical death. Leaving his mortal body, a person sees a tunnel leading to the light, and then there are close family or friends, some good luminous beings who radiate love and forgiveness.

Said there, "the threshold", a paradise without the pain and misery that by the earthly life and coming back, you do not want. And suddenly there was a man who tells all in a different way …

After receiving a master's degree in the University of California at Berkeley, Howard Storm did a pretty decent academic career. For 20 years he taught art at the University of Northern Kentucky, becoming over the years a professor. Atheist, Ph.D. Storm did not believe in God or the devil, and even more so in such fables as life after death. That was until 1985, when he suddenly died and went straight to the … Hell. Even now it is noticeably agitated, talking about feelings experienced: often pauses, struggling to calm down. The professor said that dramatic event completely changed his life.

Close to death, he experienced no state at home and overseas. In 1985, Mr. Storm was 38 years old. He and his wife Beverly went to Paris. (Where else to study fine arts, but in the Louvre!) It so happened that on the last day of your stay in France, Mr. Storm literally doubled over in searing, unbearable, rending pain in the abdomen. He was immediately taken to the hospital. There, waiting for emergency surgery, he felt that he was dying. And saying goodbye to his wife, lost in impenetrable darkness …

After a while the Storm got up, he realized that he was in the House, and stands between two hospital beds. He looked at his wife, Beverly, who sat motionless in his chair, staring blankly at the floor. Tried to talk to her, but the woman did not hear him. When Storm leaned over the bed, which was sitting Beverly, he anxiously, almost horrified to notice a striking similarity with the patient lying there himself.
At this moment, somewhere afar — maybe from the corridor or lobby of the hospital — he heard voices. Pleasant voices, male and female, young and not so, they called him — not in French and in English: "Come out here — they said. — Do not you want me to make you feel better?"

And then the Storm began to worry. He took a few steps out of the room and into the hall. There was light, but as if slightly hazy, so no details he could not see. But it was after the vote, automatically moving the bare feet and still remembering the pain in his stomach.

Fog began to thicken in the meantime, it became darker and darker, but those who called him, continued to go forward. Storm last legs trying to keep up, although moving in the darkness it was hard. The forces were running out, and he said bitterly, then what can not go.

This is where it all started. Some creatures suddenly shouted at him, growled, hissed, began to heap insults and curses. Storm even feel their breath on themselves — they are so closely huddled around him. Then it started to push, kick. He broke down and gave change. In response, the creature completely brutalized — yelling, squeal, and mocked … beat, beat, beat. In the darkness I could see nothing, though it was felt that their many tens or hundreds — around it, on it, under it, everywhere!
Any attempt on his part to stand up for themselves provoke a new bout of rage and anger on the part of the invisible evil creatures.

They did not just beat him — they enjoyed it! Then began the most terrible. Its just torn to pieces, tearing off a piece of flesh, and eaten alive: methodically, slowly, so as to extend their fun as possible. And Storm stopped resisting.

But then he remembered the prayer that he taught in childhood Sunday school at the church. And he began to whisper: "If I go to the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me …"

To his surprise, the prayer, the meaning of which he is not very understanding, produced an unexpected effect: the cruel and ruthless creatures fell into an indescribable rage! They frantically yelled: "There is no God! Nobody will hear," but at the same time began to back away. And the more insistent he whispered words of prayer, the more creature rained curses, but still retreating further and further, until their cries do not become a distant inarticulate grunt., and then it was quiet.

Left alone, Storm felt completely exhausted, crushed, exhausted. But still — albeit painfully, painfully — alive. And then he moaned in the darkness: "Lord Jesus, save me! ..". And then a miracle happened. Somewhere in the distance there was a light in the darkness of the point, such a tiny asterisk in the sky. She became closer, becoming brighter and brighter. It seemed to him that now this frenetic light devour it. Radiance already began to penetrate into his body. And then he saw that it was a living creature — a man of about two and a half feet tall, surrounded by light. It is a real hands gently hugged him and raised, and he slowly began to straighten, as if to revive. The wounds healed, and right before our eyes disappeared.
Storm woke up in a hospital bed. Was sitting next to his wife.

Briefly describe what happened next. Mr. Storm has left science, entered the theological seminary, and after graduation he became a priest in one of the wards of the city of Cincinnati. In 2000 he wrote the book "My immersion in the death and the message of love, who returned me to life", which frankly admitted that before the event in Paris, broke almost all of the 10 commandments. And then, the story of his death and resurrection was told to the newspaper "The Standard Times".

There are other similar evidence. Their results in the book "Transition" Doctor Peter Kalinowski from Australia, who studied 25 thousand cases of resuscitation. American intensivist Dr. Maurice Rulings in the book "Beyond the threshold of death" tells the story of the nightmare experienced by a postal employee, JR, for the life of the doctors who fought 'over 3 hours. And won! When he awoke, he said that initially got into some dark the tunnel. Later it was dark purple space, and in it a huge lake where the water instead of fire burned, emitting an unbearable stench. And on the shore — hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of silent, sullen people …
And that is typical: JR learned among them of some of their old friends …

"I could not even imagine — said JR — that can go from there. This is worse than the most terrible prison. On the faces of the people it was written that their desperation immensely, there is no hope … Heat, there was not a drop of water . "
Rulings doctor who described this case emphasizes that the image of hell made even hopeless patient desperate fight for life. And although the process of resuscitation is extremely painful, and patients are usually asked to leave them alone, this time it was different: "Go on, doctor, go on, for Christ's sake, I do not want to go there, it's a living hell!" — Shouted JR

JR, by the way, is also not a believer, but assures us that it is Jesus saved him. Somehow dying immediately recognized this shrouded figure of light. Surprising then, that the man who had never read or even hold in their hands the Holy Scriptures accurately reproduced the picture of the lake of fire and sulfur, as described in the Bible: it is in a lake at the Second Coming of Christ are to be cast into Satan and his minions .

Civil engineer Hillary fallen into the water with a 15-meter-high and on the fly twice hit his head on the beam (his body was found in water 40 minutes!), Visited the snake hell. But that was then. And in the beginning, when the doctor came into the room where he lay Hillary, he saw the bloodied body and a small elderly woman who was on her knees and prayed, "Lord, do not take him, that soul has not cleared himself for eternal life! .."

Hillary later told that the terrible cave where he was, the snakes were crawling on him, got into his ears, the nose, causing terrible pain. And there, too (as well as in the story of Professor Storm) had some kind of invisible evil creatures who caused consternation by his presence. And then all of a sudden he saw a flash of light and heard a voice say, "Come back, you otmolit Mrs. K. Go and live differently! .." Someone's invisible hands raised him. The last thing he felt — anger those invisible beings who did not want to let him go!

As it turned out, even Siamese twins posthumous address can be different. In Prague, for example, had surgery on the heart in the chest Conjoined brothers — 28-year-old Milos and Stefan Sestak, when suddenly both clinical death occurred. So Milos gone to heaven and saw Jesus, Stephen said afterwards that his soul went in the opposite direction: "I felt that I leave my body, and something threw me on the floor. There is a crack, and I began to fall all lower and lower into the depths of the earth. When stopped my fall, I found myself in a cave lit by a hot flame. I was terrified, wanted to run away, but he could not move from the spot, wanted to scream, but could not make a sound. "

In some descriptions of hell mentioned the narrow bridge, which must pass the souls of the dead. And the most burdened by sins are broken off the bridge and fall into the boiling beneath the fiery abyss. In the stories there are references to the violent winds, the icy, then fired, or the indomitable rain, hail, snow. It is interesting that sometimes I even remember the flora and fauna of hell — is, for example, plants, all covered with spikes studded with sharp knives and poisonous fruits or animals in the form of ferocious dogs, snakes, toads, some nasty insects. And it stings, bites, stabs, tearing to pieces. Unbearable pain and unbearable stench.

If such stories were associated with the mentally unstable people or religious fanatics, one would assume that all of this hallucination or just a figment of a sick imagination. But no. Sometimes these recognitions come from a person sober, well-educated, committed by mentally normal.

The conclusion is clear. Mistaken professionals who invariably draw the magnificent paintings of the afterlife. Life, "the threshold" is not perfect for everyone. Although paradise in these stories always looks the same, everyone has his own hell!

"Interesting newspaper. Magic and Mysticism" № 16, 2012

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