List of anomalous zones of the world

March 18, 2012 14:46

The border zone 51

BERMUDA TRIANGLE. <… It disappears many ships and planes — most of them after 1945. Here in the last 26 years has killed more than a thousand people. However, if you search failed to find any corpse or remains …>
With these words begins the description of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle in the American author Charles Berlitz. Now this phrase gladly cite both opponents and proponents of the existence between Florida, Cuba and Bermuda some strange mysterious place, in other words — the anomalous zone.

ZONE 51. This zone has many names: "Land of Dreams", "Box", "Ranch". But most of all it is known as "Area-51". It is located in the center of the test site in Nevada (USA). For the military, this is the perfect place. Here they conducted an underground nuclear test, the U.S. Air Force doctrine. Government allocates money on them from the so-called black budget projects are called "black", and secret laboratories in Nevada was called the "Black world." However, the most secret, most "black" projects are being developed in the "Area 51". This is a relatively small part of the territory of 35 to 40 kilometers. From the south it is bordered by a zone of "C-4".

Location "Zone-51" allows the military to carry out this top-secret experiments.

Prior to 1980, in the "Area 51" was built above ground 180 buildings and structures, as well as large underground construction.

German UFOs over Antarctica.  New SwabiaANTARCTICA. Around the discoveries of recent years, made on this continent, the darkness thickens secrecy.

In Antarctica, a distance of 480 km from the South Pole, there is a huge Lake Vostok, which is comparable to the area of Lake Chad. The thickness of ice above the lake more than 3.8 km, its maximum depth — 1200 m, and in the area located just above them Russian Antarctic station "Vostok" — 680 m Scientists around the world consider the study of this unique lake one of the most interesting and intractable problems Science of XXI century.

When the orbiting spy satellite USA provided data that above the water surface of the lake there is a dome covered with solid ice cavity height of 800 m, and the devices have registered a high magnetic activity, the further implementation of the research program of the American suddenly turned, and all civilian personnel were removed from it. Guide further work was transferred to a special government agency — the National Security Agency (NSA).

Until 2002, the U.S. side of the lake research involved an international team of scientists. Then the "reins" completely took over the NSA. It was announced that the move is dictated by considerations of national security. Since then determine which security had in mind, not one journalist has failed.

So what is under the ice cap of Antarctica can so involve the U.S. government, as well as Russia, which they send to the continent, it is in the area of Lake Vostok, scientific expeditions, equipped with super expensive and sensitive equipment?

According to reports, instruments mounted on satellites, showed that the temperature of the lake ranges from plus 10 to plus 18'S! This means that in the depths of the lake are geothermal or any other heat source. Scientists have suggested that in the cavity between the ice and the surface of the dome of the lake can be self-cleaning the atmosphere, and, possibly, live plants.

Antarctica — the base of the Third Reich? On the development of the Third Reich in the "flying saucers" Today we know many. However, questions over the years, not diminishing. As far as the Germans succeeded in this? Who helped them? Were working collapsed after the First and Second World War, or continued in the other, secret areas of the world? How true the rumors that the Nazis had been in contact with extraterrestrial civilizations?

Researchers secret history of the Third Reich today many are aware of its mystical roots and backroom those forces that brought to power and direct the activities of Hitler. The foundation was laid on the ideology of fascism secret societies long before the Nazi state, but an active force in this outlook was the defeat of Germany in World War II. In 1918, the range of people who already had experience in international secret societies, was founded in Munich branch of the Teutonic Knights — society "Tula" (named after the legendary Arctic country — the cradle of mankind). Official its purpose — the study of old Germanic culture, but the real problems were much deeper.

A number of researchers believe that the German base in Antarctica is still preserved. Moreover, say the existence there of a subterranean city under the name "New York" with a population of two million people. The main occupation of its inhabitants are genetic engineering and space flight. However, direct evidence to support this version, no one has yet provided.


Meteor Crater (Barringer Crater, Devil Canyon, USA), Bama (China), Tower of Evil (USA) Swamp READ (Estonia); Vorgol, The Gates of Hell (Antartida) volcano Bald Mountain (Montagne Pele o.Martinika, Caribbean Sea), Gulf Stream (Atlantic); Mount Ayers Rock (Uluru, Australia) Mount Ankonkagua (Argentina); Dzhirinay Mountain (Indonesia), Mount Qomolangma (Mount Everest, on the border of Nepal and China), Mountain Kamenický Šenov (Czech Republic), Mountain Bell (Jebel Nakug) Mount K-2 (India), Mount Mauna Kea (the Pacific Ocean), Mount Meru (Somera, perhaps in the Himalayas or in Russia) Mount Penang (Malaysia), Sugarloaf Mountain (Brazil) , Mount Sierra de la Neblina ("Mountain Fog" in Guyana), Mountain Sheep Rock (United States), "Tree of Life" (rock in Africa), Death Valley (USA) Valley of monsters (natural "sculpture" of animals, USA) Devil's Hole (USA), the Gulf of Gabes ("Tunisian Dead Sea", Tunisia) Ringing Rocks (USA), Green Hell (Brazil), "Stone cacti" (Saudi Arabia), Stone Forest (China); Canyon Tinayani (Peru), Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic); Well goddess Bhairab (India), "The Ring of the Devil" (USA), the Mariana Trench (Pacific Ocean), Meteor ("In Heaven", Greece), Rainbow Bridge ( "Rainbow Stone" sht.Yuta, USA) Bridge Plan de Salsa (France), Lake Balkhash (Kazakhstan), Lake Biwa (Lake-warehouse, Japan), Lake Vanda (Antarctica), Lake Cook-Kol ( Zhambyl Oblast, Kazakhstan), Dead Lake (Taldy Kurgan region, Kazakhstan), Dead Lake (Sarez) Lake Natron ("Red Lake", "Lake of Blood", Tanzania), Lake Nyasa (Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique), Lake Eleven (Scotland, UK) Lake "shot" (o.Yava, Indonesia); Ace Lake (Turkey); Oklo (Gabon), Kauai (Hawaii, USA), Komodo Island (Indonesia), Langkawi Island (Malaysia); Niautoputapu Island (Pacific Ocean), Hormuz Island (Persian Gulf), Sable Island (Canada); Fradzhost Island (Cat Island, Indian Ocean); Ekskholm Island (UK), Tobias Islands (Greenland, Denmark) Cave Arabica (Sarma, Abkhazia ) Crow Cave (Abkhazia, Georgia); Kamyshovaya Flute Cave (China) Sour Cave (Cave of sanctification of the Spirit, Mexico); Lechugilla Cave (USA); Movil Cave (Romania) New Athos Cave (Abkhazia) Cave "head dragon" (Namibia); Frasassi Cave (Italy) from the Cave-Gill (UK), Caves Kugitang ("Mountain close gorges", and Turkmenistan); Plateau Dafar ("place where the gods weep incense", Oman); Plateau Kugitang (Gaurdak, Turkmenistan), the Rock of the 12 apostles (Australia), "Footprints in the Hissar range" (Uzbekistan) Steens Mountain (USA) Telaga Tudzhuh (seven wells, Malaysia).

With amazing (yet unexplained) Physical processes

Gore "Singing" (Alma-Ata region of Kazakhstan); Gromovische (Gromnitsa, places that attract lightning, Ukraine); Alazani Valley ("place of occurrence of the invisible", Georgia); Reystrekskie Stones ("Moving stones" sht.Kaliforniya, USA ) Antarctic Lake (Antarctica) Ertso Lake (Lake of the ghost, South Ossetia, Georgia).

Place the following from the fall of celestial bodies (including meteorites)
Meteor Crater (Devil's Canyon, USA), the Murchison meteorite (Australia), North Lake failure (possibly, the Arctic), "Kharkov car" (fallen artifact, Ukraine).

Place of occurrence of mysterious animals LAND
Bluff Creek valley (habitat Bigfoot in the U.S.) Fortress of Belgorod-Dniester (Ukraine) Ukrainian Carpathians (Ukraine); Melung Glacier (Nepal, Tibet, China), Lovozero (Murmansk, Russia) River Congo (Zaire), Foot God (South Africa) South Caspian wilderness (Azerbaijan).

Place of occurrence of mysterious animals in Water

Bridport (Australia) Loch Ness (Scotland, UK), Lake Manitoba and Vinnipegosis (Canada), White Lake (Chile) Base Lake (Canada) Lake Bray (Ireland); Lake Bran (Ireland); Vaytorek Lake (Australia ) Lake Van (Turkey), Lake of the Woods (Canada) Lake Glendlok (Ireland); Lake Dub (Ireland) Dragon's Lake (Tajikistan, near the border with China), Lake Iliamna (USA) Lake Cleave (Ireland); Lake Komsomolsk (Lviv, Ukraine); Kouichai Lake (Canada) Lake Kuoych (Scotland, UK), Lake LeMond (Scotland, UK), Lough Ree (Ireland), Lough Mask (Ireland), Lough Loki (Scotland, UK), Lake Mack (Ireland) Moran Lake (Scotland, UK); Nakorra lake (Ireland); Lake Nif (Ireland) Okanagan Lake (Lake Ogopogo, Canada); Peyett Lake (USA), Lake Poenigeymuk ( False Lake, Canada); Sashuep Lake (Canada); Selyur Lake (Norway); Sister Lake (Canada) Lake Storsjön (Storsjön, Sweden); Tianchi Lake (China); Uoteron Lake (USA) Lake Flethed (USA); Khanas Lake (China); Lake Scheele (Scotland, UK), the Paint River (USA), Tammy (Tasmania, Australia), the Black Sea Basin.

Of mystical, occult PLACES
Aydie (Vietnam), Allahabad, Amaravati ("Abode of Immortals" in India) Amenti (Egypt), White Island; Vabar (Saudi Arabia); shaft Vara (Iran); Vebula (Burma), Vrindavan (India), Ganga ( India), Helicon (abode of the Muses, Greece) Mount Kailash (Tibet), Mount Kanchenjunga, the Hill of Crosses (Lithuania); Mount Miwa (Japan), Mount Baekdu ("Mountain of the white cap", Korea); Samsisan mountain (Baekdu, Korea); Thatmon Mountain (Vietnam) Mountain Thebeksan (Korea), Mount Hira (Saudi Arabia) and the valley of the shadow of death (Crimea); Dooku ("sacred hill" Iraq) Zhirovicheskaya font (Minsk, Belarus), Jo (Zhomu, China), Golden Gate (Royal Gates, Sverdlovsk region); Iaru (Ialu, Egypt); Inchzhou (China) Source magical breath; Cemetery vampires (Chelyakovitskoe Cemetery, Czech Republic), Pere Lachaise Cemetery (France), The Well Oundle ("banging well", UK) Red Altar (UK), Kunlun (World Mountain, China), Labyrinth of Knossos (Crete, Greece), Bald Mountain (Kiev), the sanctuary Malta (Malta), Tomb of Genghis Khan (Mongolia or, perhaps, China); Bridge Mangoro (Madagascar); Gravestones in Karroumore (Ireland); Object Bruzale (Lithuania), Lake-Jarve Hiiz ("Marsh Sacred Dubrava", Estonia), Penglai Island (Penlaydao, China); Islands Orkeynskie (UK) Amarnat cave (Kashmir, a disputed territory between India and Pakistan), cave monasteries Gansu (China); Dunhuang Cave Monastery (China), sweat (Puteaux, Tibet, China); Sarras, Salem (Massachusetts, USA); Stadium "Ali Samient" (stadium "Galtasaray", Istanbul, Turkey), Fatima (Portugal);
Temple of the Serpent (Thailand) Chidambaram (India) boulder Essex (UK);

The legendary place with a known location
Abhayagiri ("Fearless Mountain" in Ceylon) Avallon (Avallah UK) Ame-No Kaguyama (Japan); Anaklifra ("Rock of response" in Greek), Bermuda ("Devil's Land", Atlantic), Herculaneum (lost city , Italy), Calvary (Israel) Mount Amisan (Korea), Mount Ararat (Turkey); Mount Mithridates (Crimea, Ukraine), Mount Nitsir; Mountain Tyayshan (Dunyue, "Great Eastern Mountain", China); Hercules Grotto (Grotto Hercules, Spain), Danube ("unknown river") snakes shafts (Ukraine); stone tomb (Zaporozhye region, Ukraine), the Well of St. Helena; Kurukshetr ("field of Kuru", "heaven on earth", India), Lila ( lilies, Greece) Bald Mountain (collective image), Mandara ("Hard, huge", India), Devil's Bridge (St. Lucia), "The object M" (Estonia), The Island of Aphrodite (Greece), Coconut Island (Costa Rica) Isle of Circe (EYA island, Greece); Island Mas-a-Tierra, Oak Island (o.Dubovy, Canada), Patmos Island, Rock Island of Death (Japan); Chogar Island (Finland), The Cave "Gates doomsday "(Shymkent Oblast, Kazakhstan)," Cave of the Dragon "(Caves of Drac, Spain), Cave Jean-Bernard (France) Cave Matatash (Gorno-Badakhshan, Tajikistan); cave of Chiron (Greece); Chilouskaya Cave (Cave Abskril, Abkhazia, Georgia), Pompeii (Italy) Pope ("blossom", Burma), Spring Coats del Grade (Spain), "Silver" wells (Syria), Sacred Well of Chichen Itza (Mexico), rock jumpers (St. Lucia ) Rock Charysh Tash (Shatropodobnaya Rock "Chater-Tash", Tajikistan) Perfect Stone (South Nepal) Sofronistir ("Disciplining") Transinvaliya ("Zalesie" Romania) Troy (Ilion, Turkey) Hill of the Dead (Mohenjo-Daro, India), Devil's Bridge (Switzerland) Wonders of the World (7 Wonders of the World).

Astana (the ancestral home of the Aztecs), Atlantis (possibly in or near Atlantic), Mount Sinai (believed to be in Egypt); Dodona (Greece); Zhoshuy ("weak water", China); Limuriya (Mainland possibly in the Indian Ocean ) Mahon (Magonia); Tomb of Genghis Khan (Mongolia, or perhaps China) Mu (ancient continent in the Pacific) Island Tilmun (Dilmun, Bahrain, Qatar, perhaps), Palmyra (Syria), the Pope ("Stone", Polynesia ) Parnassus (Parnassus) Pacifis (Pacific); Cave Oracle (Oraculum); Tevmesskaya Cave, Pyramid Himalayan, Russian Pyramid (ancient pyramids probably in Russia); Pulotu (Bulota, Mbulu, Polynesia) Rangha (race may in the Indian Ocean), Rum ("The Womb", possibly in Nepal); Sityan ("Western Skies", possibly in Asia), Sodom and Gomorrah (Dead Sea, Israel); Tamoanchan (perhaps in the Pacific) , Tartary; Trayastrinsa (Tavatimsa, "Thirty-three"); Utgard, U Yue ("Pyatigorye" probably about China); Theon-Oykema ("Abode of the Gods" on the west coast of Africa) Charybdis (somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea ), Hel (Niflhel) Ching-tu ("Pure Land", "Land clearing"); Chikimostok ("Seven Caves"), Shambhala (perhaps in the Himalayas), Eldorado (South America).

A place with buildings and structures of unknown purpose
Axumite monoliths (Ethiopia and Eritrea), Angkor (Angkorvoat, Angkor Wat, the ancient city in Cambodia) Baalbekskaya terrace (Baalbek, Heliopolis, Lebanon), Tower of Qutub Minar (India) Great Zimbabwe ("stone house", Zimbabwe) , Tower of Babel (Iraq) Gates Tonga (Polynesia), the Delhi pillar (India) Dosodzhiny (Japan) megaliths Yemen (Yemen) "Stone woman" ("The Stone doodle", "stone girl", "Stone Man") ; Kamyani (Belarus); Candelabrum Paracas (Peru); Kermario (France), Malta (strange track) Machu Picchu (Machu Picchu, the ancient city, Peru); Molendo (marks on the rocks, Peru), Nora Death (Nora Waloumba , Uganda); Nuraghe (Sardinian Nuraghe, Canary Islands, Spain), "Object M" (Estonia), Easter Island, Chile (Pacific); pyramid El Castillo (Mexico), the Pyramid of the American continent, the Egyptian Pyramids (Egypt) Pyramids Chinese (China), Pyramid Uzbek (Uzbekistan) Nazca (Peru) Sphinx (Egypt) Tunnels in the United States (U.S. paleotonneli, USA) Shibinskie menhirs (Volyn region, Ukraine).

Amazing place (possibly) associated with the activities people in the past

Abu Simbel (Egypt), "Assasinsky Garden" (Iran), Bang Chang (site excavation, Thailand);
Bullish rock (Byci skala, Czech Republic), Boulder "Pillars Gediminians" (Lithuania) Shafts Trajan; Shafts Genghis Khan (Chita Region, Mongolia, China), Great Wall of China (China) Great Wall Mongolia (China) Mount Burhan Khaldun (possible burial place of Genghis Khan, Mongolia), Mount Shasta (mount Shasta, USA) Biskupinskoe Castle (near Poznan, Poland) Settlement Ekimautskoe (Ekimauti, Moldova) Settlement Zimnovskoe (Volyn region, Ukraine) Settlement Kamensky (Zaporozhye region, Ukraine), the tomb of Qin Shihuang, (Shaanxi Province, China), Tomb of the Southern Song Dynasty (Zhejiang Province, China); Dogon Village (plateau of Bandiagara, Mali), "Valley of the Kings" ("royal" burial in Tuva); dolmens, Dundalk (castle in Ireland); Zhvanetsky mound (Ukraine) Castle Korbenik (carbonica) abatis line (defense line, spotted), Solothurn ("City of the eleven", Switzerland), iridium anomaly (Italy) Carnac (Carnac, France) Catacombs Jihlava (Czech Republic); Treasure Martynovsky (Kiev, Ukraine); Knoutskie burial ("Irish city of the dead", Ireland); well in Nigeria ("The Magic Well", Nigeria), Equine (ancient traces Slovan); Montsegur fortress, castle Saksuaman (Peru), Qumran (Israel), Labyrinth (from the Greek. labiryrinthos); Laetolil (ancient traces, Tanzania); Lubaantuna (City of fallen stones, Honduras), Meteor ("In Heaven", Greece), Grave Genghis Khan (Mongolia, or perhaps China), Maiden Castle, (UK), Nan Madol (Pacific); drevneindeyskie Observatory (USA); Nabta Observatory ("Egyptian Stonehenge", Egypt), the Observatory on the "Rock of Hope" (Azerbaijan ) Observatory Chimney Rock (USA) Observatory "step" (Azerbaijan); Observatory Shangqiu (Henan, China); Lake Guatavita (Eldorado, Colombia), Palenque (Mexico), Palmar (stone balls, Costa Rica); pair (Minsk, Belarus); Paharal (Paharal ancient ruins, Guatemala), Petra (Jordan) Petroglyphs (northern Russia and Scandinavia); Cave Azokh (Nagorno-Karabakh), Cave Karalavskaya (P-50, Crimea, Ukraine), Cave Three Brothers (Les Trois Freres, France); Frasassi Cave (Italy); Chokurcha Cave (ancient parking, Crimea, Ukraine), Cave mound (Uplistsikhe, Georgia), and Cave City Church of Cappadocia (Turkey); Cave cities of Crimea (Crimea, Ukraine), Cave City (Maraza, Azerbaijan); Geghard Cave Monastery (Armenia); Pyramids Nubian (Sudanese pyramids, Sudan); Plateau Tassili Addzher (North Africa), the Rhodopes (Bulgaria) Gardens of Babylon (Iraq), the smallest state (in Italian), "blue camp" (Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia) Buddha statue in Bamiame (Afghanistan), Drew Stanton (circles of Stanton-Drew, UK), Stonehenge (UK), Taj Mahal (India ) Tukuma (Peru); Ubar (Oman); Oldovay Tract;
Faroese lighthouse (Egypt)-Musuvs Hough (USA) Jalapa (Harapna) Hattuasas, "Hill Shining" (Silburi Hill, UK), the Temple of Mtskheta ("Mtskheta Cross", Georgia); Temple Tel Khazneh (Syria); Qufu (home of Confucius, China), Chichen Itza (Chichen Itza, Mexico), Milky Way (road salt, Crimea, Ukraine), Calais (Crimea, Ukraine), Shary-message (Costa Rica); Ekoss (Ireland ).

Amazing place, associated with the current activities of people

Hangar-18 (Base Wright-Patterson sht.Ogayo, USA) base "Bill" (USA), "Coast of Death" (Spain), "Woods king-tank" (Moscow Region, Roossiya) The Great Wall of Australia (Australia ), Great Wall of Korea (North and South Korea), Republic Viktualnaya Kansai (Japan) Virtual City Habitat (Japan), "Wolf's Lair" ("Wolfsan", Poland) Extraterrestrial kingdom long Eye (USA) Stone Mountain ( USA), the Gulf of Gabes ("Tunisian Dead Sea", Tunisia); Zolotogorchichnye Mine (New Zealand) Coral Castle (USA), Luna (village Moon, USA) Melchizedek Island (Pacific Ocean), Rune Island (New Guinea); Pavlovian (arboretum, Vologda region) Upper Jurassic Park ("Sound Reserve", France) Park Sofiyivka (Cherkasy region, Ukraine), "Inverted World" (Japan); novoegipetskaya Pyramid (Egypt) Pyramid of Paris (Paris), " Pompeii of the twentieth century "(Kurenivka, Kiev, Ukraine), Reefs of debris (USA)" The Hand of the Desert "(Chile), the Semipalatinsk test site (Semipalatinsk region of Kazakhstan); Stonehenge Road (USA)," Tataguni "(India), Chernobyl (Kiev, Ukraine).

Anomalous areas with frequent manifestations of anomalous phenomena

Bidzhori (India) Bobrovik (Belarus), Valley of Ghosts (Honduras), Ghost Valley (Demirdzhi Crimea) Turguilla Valley ("Gateway to another world ', France), The Road of Satan (USA) Area Preyzera (gravitoanomaliya in the U.S.) , "Zone of Silence" (a place of quiet radio, Mexico); Vesersfild Cemetery (USA) Devil's Trap (hronoanomaliya, Italy) Lake Racetrack (moving boulders, USA), Lake Salantina (possible gravitoanomaliya, Argentina); Olshansky Castle (Black Castle , Grodno region, Belarus); Barsakelmes Island (possible hronoanomaliya, Kyzyl-Orda region, Kazakhstan), Isle of Man (Isle of ghosts, UK); Plakli (UK) Radvilishkisskaya anomaly (Lithuania), "Dream Village" (Germany), Tring (UK) Truro (UK) Whitby (Great Britain); Uotten Prairie ("abode of ghosts", UK); Gorge Sarmysh (Uzbekistan); Hill Megure (Romania); Chavinda ("the point of intersection of the Worlds", Mexico).

PLACES WHERE (allegedly, according to established legends) grants wishes

White Island, Mount Sinai (it is believed that in Egypt), a pillar of Delhi (India), Sacred Well of Chichen Itza (Mexico), Shambhala (perhaps in the Himalayas), Eldorado (South America).

Energy activity (geo-active, grace, healing) anomalous areas

The sacred lake of crocodiles (Gambia), Stonehenge (UK), Fatima (Portugal).

ENERGOVREDNYE (geopathic harmful to health) anomalous areas
Nora's death (Nora Waloumba, Uganda), "The object M" (Estonia).

Anomalous areas, to cause (according to witnesses) panic attack
Nora's death (Nora Waloumba, Uganda).

PLACES appearance of ghosts and specters

Ghost Valley (Honduras), Ghost Valley (Demirdzhi Crimea) Road Satan (USA) Olshansky Castle (Black Castle, Grodno region, Belarus), Isle of Man (Isle of ghosts, UK); Uotten Prairie ("abode of ghosts", UK ).

Anomalous areas with a part of the disappearance and death of people and animals
"Tornado alley" (place of frequent tornadoes, USA), Skeleton Coast (Namibia);
Windy Enik (the crash site in the Czech Republic) Long Pass (place of disappearances in the U.S.) Snake Valley ("Valley of Death 7", India), Death Valley (Northern Pamirs), Death Valley (USA), The Valley of the Black Bamboo (place disappearances in China), "Road to Nowhere" (USA), "The Devil's Road" ("Karreterra del Diablo", Bolivia); Uitcha hole (the North Sea near the UK) Gulf of Carpentaria (place of disappearance, Australia) Quicksand Western Erg (Algeria); Heychzhu Dell (China); Manukau Bar (Devil's place, New Zealand); Bridge "Golden Gate" (meeting place of suicides, USA), Cape Hatteras ("South Atlantic cemetery", USA), Cape Lookout ( cape "coast", USA), Cape Fear (Cape of "Fear", USA), "Object M" (Estonia), Ogasawara (Pacific); Lake killer (Cameroon) Lake in Nigeria ("Lake of Death", Nigeria ) Lake Mogun (Monaun, Cameroon); Lake News (Nyos, "sandwich, reverse death down" Cameroon) Bulavan Island ("Island-killer", Indonesia); Flannan Isle (Scotland, UK), Island Envaitinet (" irrevocable ", Kenya); Cave Kitum (Kenya, Uganda); cave skeletons (Thailand)," Pompeii cow "(inert volcano, Italy); Grove fairies (Ireland) Death Mountain (Karelia, Russia)," Surrey-Delta "(place of frequent abduction, Utah, USA), Canyon of Death (China).

"Abnormally dangerous» ROAD
"Road to Nowhere" (USA), "The Devil's Road" ("Karreterra del Diablo", Bolivia); Road Satan (USA).

Anomalous areas related (possibly) WITH ACTIVITY UFO

Australian breeding UFO (Australia) Bass Strait (Australia), Brussels (Belgium); Vilejka (place of UFO sightings, Minsk, Belarus); Mountains Delbigeteyskie (Semipalatinsk region of Kazakhstan); Mountains Pyrenees (Spain), Sierra Nevada ( USA), The Road "Nevada 375" ("Highway Aliens", USA), Gulf Winds (USA), Zakharov (Moscow, Russia), "Stargate" (Libya), "Area UFO" Ala-Arch (Kyrgyzstan) , "Zone UFO" in Vratsa (Bulgaria), "UFO Zone» Izmir (Turkey), "Area UFO" Taree (Australia), "UFO Zone» Toronto (Canada), "Area UFO" Farminton (U.S. ) "Area-51" (USA), the Issyk-Kul Basin (Kyrgyzstan); Korzunovo (Minsk, Belarus); Kum (Uzbekistan); Langeburg (Canada); Lielupe (Latvia); Lotvinov (Minsk, Belarus); Luchesa (Minsk, Belarus), Liège (frequent UFO sightings, Belgium) Small Aleksandrovka (Velika Aleksandrivka, Kiev region, Ukraine); Mukuzhe (Brazil), Nevada (USA), "The object M" (Estonia), Lake Uppremen ( Sweden), "Windows" Hessdalen (Norway), "Window" Yakima (USA) Osinovka (Kemerovo Region, Russia), Prudence (Kaluga Region, Russia), Balearic Islands (Spain); Papshichi (Vitebsk region, Belarus); Parnorama (triangular UFO landing sites, Brazil); Passiega La Cave (Spain), but also a background Caves de Goma (Dordogne, France); Ustyurt Plateau (Kazakhstan), anomalous zone Riga (Latvia), "Surrey-Delta" (the place of frequent Abduction, USA), Trnava (Slovakia) Huaraz (places UFO sightings, Peru), "Ukrainian-Russian triangle" (Russia-Ukraine) Gorge Adzharasikal (Adjara, Georgia), Huesca (space UFO, Spain), Kharkiv anomalous zone (Kharkiv, Ukraine), Eupen (Belgium) UFO landing pad Yalta (Crimea).

Places connected to (possibly) with landing UFO

Parnorama (triangular UFO landing sites, Brazil); Gorge Adzharasikal (Adjara, Georgia).

Places connected (though not likely, but possible) UFO crash

"Area-51" (USA), Balearic Islands (Spain); Ustyurt Plateau (Kazakhstan).

Where the output of the circle and PICTOGRAMS

Beam guerrilla (Zaporozhye, Ukraine); Korzunovo (Minsk, Belarus), Crop Circles in Zaporizhia (Zaporozhye, Ukraine); Small Aleksandrovka (Velika Aleksandrivka, Kiev region, Ukraine).

Anomalous areas related (possible) geoactive EARTH

Afghan anomalous zone (Afghanistan), "Adriatic triangle" ("Italian triangle", Italy), the Bermuda Triangle, Hawaiian anomaly; Gibraltar wedge, "Valley of health and longevity" (bustling center centenarians, Ecuador) Falling birds Valley (Valley Dzhatinga, India ) Devil's Sea (south-east of Japan); Nantakit ("Canadian triangle", Canada, in part to the U.S.) Okrohanskaya road (Georgia), "Pyramid" Crimea (Crimea, Ukraine), "Pyramid" underground (Ukraine, Egypt) , Pacific Triangle (about Western Micronesia).


Area Preyzera (gravitoanomaliya in the U.S.) Lake Salantina (possible gravitoanomaliya, Argentina); Okrohanskaya road (Georgia).

Bermuda Triangle (possibly) Zone Preyzera (gravitoanomaliya in the U.S.) "Zone of Silence" (possibly Mexico) Trap Devil (Italy) Lake Salantina (possible gravitoanomaliya, Argentina); Sigulda (Latvia); Okrohanskaya road (possible; Georgia ) Island Barsakelmes (perhaps Kyzyl-Orda region, Kazakhstan); Parnorama (probably Brazil) Egyptian Pyramids (Egypt); Ustyurt Plateau (Kazakhstan); Gorge Adzharasikal (perhaps, Adjara, Georgia), Shambhala (perhaps in the Himalayas ).

Isle of-Tenet (UK) Biggin Hill (UK), Crete (Greece); Shayloh (USA).

Locations that are not anomalous (contrary to false rumors and "ducks")
"Fairy Ring" (Australia) Mine Cave Pantyukhina (Georgia), Devil's Cave (USA), Cave City Maraza (Azerbaijan) Village «X-files» («The terrible village", Argentina) in Gromovische Kupischah (Zhytomyr region Ukraine), "Stargate" (Egypt), the Cardiff Giant (USA) Marinovka (Donetsk, Ukraine), Tomb devil (Shaitan Mazar, Kyrgyzstan).

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