Lithuanian MP demands answers on Belarus D.Grybavskaytse

Lithuanian Sejm deputy from the ruling Conservative Party criticized the Mantas Adomenas look Dalia Grybauskaite on Belarus, stating that its position can mean a failure to maintain the democratization of Belarus. This was reported today by the newspaper Lietuvos rytas.

"The elections will not be democratic, and in such circumstances, to express support for Lukashenko and say that he has a nearly 100-percent public support, it is very dangerous," — said M.Adamenas on Tuesday at a press conference, "Is there no longer supports Lithuania democratization of Belarus ", which he timed to the Day of Belarusian Solidarity.

Sejm deputy post comments to Reuters, which tsverdilasya that during the closed-door meeting with the ambassadors of the European Union earlier this month D.Grybavskaytse said that the victory of Alexander Lukashenko in the presidential election, would help maintain stability and limit Russian influence in Belarus.

"Meeting with the President of Ambassadors of the European Union — it is not a closed meeting. President News Agency quoted the trust, so please refute erroneous, as I hope, approve Lithuania's support of Lukashenko's regime," — said Adomenas.

The MP said that the head of the democratic states avoid expressing support for specific candidates and a fortiori undemocratically elected, which is Alexander Lukashenko.

According M.Adamenasa, politics Lithuania against Belarus to still had two sides — going collaboration with the official Belarusian authorities in addressing specific issues and at the same time has supported "civil society and the birth of democracy in Belarus."

"There are doubts, Reuters reported statement does not constitute a waiver of current Lithuanian foreign policy," — said the Lithuanian parliament.

According to Reuters, D.Grybavskaytse this month said that Lukashenko — the "guarantor of economic and political stability of Belarus and its independence."

"The opposition is not serious and does not have any chances in the elections. Lukashenko could have scored 99%, but only 75% score in order to please the EU", — quotes the Lithuanian president Reuters.

According to Adomenas, forecasts, if the Belarusian opposition in the election has no chance, not justified.

"Speaking about the opposition, probably for the first time since coming to power, Lukashenko we have such a strong candidate for president," — says the Lithuanian parliament. As the strongest M.Adamenas mentioned Vladimir Neklyaeva, Andrei Sannikov and Yaroslav Romanchuk.

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