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April 2, 2012 4:56

Putorana Plateau — "lost world" of Siberia

In Soviet times, every year I like geophysics, have participated in various expeditions all over the then one-sixth of the land. At night, in contrast to the astronomers, we sleep soundly in quite comfortable conditions: in metal trailers, "Kung" or prefabricated houses. Our equipment can not be held in a tent next to her food always roars diesel. From his trailer we look out only when the devices begin to show any devilry — suddenly outside the northern lights, or even a rare "red mist".

Putorana Plateau

I did not expect to see anything of interest, the apparatus haywire. Came out of his house, which stood on a lonely lonely Siberian plateau Putorana forty kilometers from the nearest human habitation only — weather station. A week ago my partner was seriously ill, he was taken away in a helicopter, and I was alone. Today was supposed to fly a helicopter with a new partner, and the supply of food, but noticeably darker, and of small valleys, just in the direction from which should help to arrive, mist began to rise. The breeze carried the fog in my way, and soon the red beacon, which I lit on the tower turbine, has become not visible from the air.

I went back into the house and found a rocket launcher, that the recorder draws strange noise. Once again got out into the misty approaching the wall I saw an unusual sight — a chain of dim red balls, one after the other emerging from the fog, and then it disappear. It seemed that these balls are some huge invisible disk, since this strange dance of thought ceases, and before my eyes passed or swam several dozen balls. I had to return to the house for binoculars. By this time the ball is much dimmed, fully rendered in a misty haze, so no I did not see the details. Even had the impression that these fog lights and extinguished.

Finally, the phenomenon is over, I noted the time, and then it turned out that at about the same time over and electromagnetic interference. True, their nature remains unclear whether they generate themselves balls, or a tectonic process, they gave birth.

For a long time in the literature, I have not seen anything similar to this phenomenon, although the pilots in the clouds came face to face with garlands fireballs. Only in the 90 years I read that in the state of Tennessee (USA), in the mountains, tourists watch something like: a series of running down the hillside lights. And there watching the whole light field synchronous flashing lights. But it was quite another phenomenon: the experts found that the lights belong to the many fireflies.

But fireflies flashing each according to his rhythms, not paying attention to the neighbor. And it is on any biological laws is not a field of fireflies can flash synchronously. Except for one option — Cluster fireflies form a single super-organism, which, in turn, begins to control outbreaks. But this mystery more biological than physical.


In May 2005, the expedition "Kosmopoisk" in the anomalous zone Krasnoselski region Kostroma region, known as the Long Meadow. The purpose of the expedition — the hunt for the strange glowing orbs. Villagers were afraid to go to this meadow and not let there children. According to rumors, there often disappeared people that are attracted for these balls — back no one returned. Even the horses refused to go to this meadow.

Expedition lucky they disappeared no one seems, evil force, which sinned Aborigines did not dare to communicate with a noisy crowd of enthusiasts.

But the lone less fortunate. In the Kharkiv region, near the village of Staraya Pokrovka serviceman Vitaly 3. walking at night on the way to the unit. The road ran through the forest, the moon shone brightly. Suddenly appeared in front of the ball, subtle shimmer with red and blue lights, hanging a meter above the ground. Vitali decided to come closer to see a miracle, but the ball was slowly away into the forest, and he seemed hypnotized, went after him. Woke up only when he realized that is far away from the road.

Overcoming the desire to move beyond the ball back on the road. Now the ball is following him. Then came near the ball rectangle width of about 1.5 meters and a height of 3 meters and also moved in his direction. Vitali again froze, watching the "box" approaches it. Between it and the earth slipped blue sparks, and the branches bend obediently to make way.

Fear overcame stupor, and he ran away, somehow thinking that at the intersection of two wide roads waiting for him salvation. "Box" continued to pursue him. When he reached the intersection, he looked back: "box" stop the persecution and still hung in the air. Shocked Vitali returned to his unit.

A skeptic would say that the soldiers came up the bike for the bosses, but just lured into the woods balls in Long Meadow, which he hardly knew.

Almost the same, but white, aggressive-minded balls observed near Nizhny Novgorod in a clearing near the village wagging, a few kilometers from the river Vyksa. Not only people, but animals around this place party, and electronic devices fail. Old-timers claim that sleep in this place you can not — then people either commit suicide or die prematurely.

In 1984, the research team was not afraid to check these facts. No balls they saw and quietly settled in tents for the night. And in the morning on the faces of some of the participants appeared burns, and in a lot of balls and then showed up on film. The only rational explanation for this — balls emits invisible ultraviolet light, illuminates the fine film. From him, and have burned.


There is no rule without an exception, and rarely glowing balls make reasonable and good deeds.

At the beginning of the last century, in England, in the county of Buckingham, near Berngam Beach, two small children one farmer left unattended when the parents went to the field. The children fled into the forest and, of course, lost. Returning late at night, parents began their search for, and then collected the men, and went into the woods. Returning after a fruitless search, they noticed a strange light, moving across the field from the forest. It was a glowing golden light ball. As he approached, they saw that he was going missing children. The father and the neighbors rushed to meet them. The ball continued to shine, until they reached the children, and then went out. In the 90's of last century Norwegian researchers interested in the mysterious lights that appear regularly in the valley near Hessadalenskoy Trondskheyma — the most sparsely populated part of the country. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is more common in winter. I had to organize a major expedition, equipped with the latest technology, including recorders electromagnetic and acoustic fields, spectrographs, and portable radar. And the results of the expedition did not immediately decide to publish it, because some of them were clearly anti-science. For example, they claimed that the lights react to external stimuli, as if possessed the rudiments of reason. However, similar statements have come from other places to investigate mysterious lights and balls. Then Norwegians gathered all who were engaged in such research, and the results announced at an international conference in Hessadalene in March 1994.

Accumulation of fireflies form a single super-organism, which, in turn, begins to control outbreaks

Rational physical explanation of these phenomena yet. Unfortunately, there is only metaphysical, but rather mystical: Witnesses in Long Meadow, as well as in other places claimed that next to glowing balls sometimes saw human figures. And the children, which brought the ball to the house, happily claimed that brought them out of the woods with Aunt glowing burning lamp. None of the adults this aunt could not see, but we know that young children often see the invisible adult ghosts and phantoms of the dead. Other explanation of intelligent behavior luminous balls yet.

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