Locust attacks Stavropol

In three districts of Stavropol declared emergency mode by locusts. Guberanator Valery Zerenkov send 30 million rubles to combat these pests, write "" He also took a special control measures to eliminate the consequences of abnormal weather in agriculture land.

Due to the unusually warm weather locusts appeared in the province two weeks earlier than usual. Today, the population of pests found on an area of over 400,000 hectares. In Neftekumsk, Arzgirskom Levokumskij areas and a regime of emergency. The situation is complicated by the fact that in the neighboring areas — Dagestan and Kalmykia real control is not maintained, said "Stavropol true."

Allocated from the reserve fund Governor Valery Zerenkova funds will be used for the implementation of protective measures in the areas where locusts can not cope with their own, but also to bring to the fight himaviatsii.

"The centers of population of locusts present only in pastures. Our task — to avoid the destruction of pests forage plants and prevent them to the fields," — said the first deputy agriculture Stavropol Anatoly Kutsenko. According to him, on measures to eliminate a pest from the budget of the region have been sent to facilities designed for the processing of 200,000 hectares, adds a "Caucasian Knot".

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