Love spell danger

December 23, 2011 12:28

The fact that we modern people, especially city dwellers, poor know the world and the possibility of covert human speak numerous stories related to phenomena such as the evil eye, damage, spell … The people, just tap, you almost any pair of cases surely tell. Here are the stories that have been taught to be wary …

At our meeting she called herself Natalia Shomin, said her captivate paranormal and esoteric knowledge, but it came to them against their will — unintentional interest were some dramatic events in her life and the lives of familiar people.

-I, like many others, did not believe in the existence of something "beyond", inexplicable — she recalled. — For the first time began to think about it in about 1998, when I was 16 years old. Then I was in the same class with the boy from next door, his name was Eugene Belov.

The history was as follows. Eugene's family lived, like all, maybe a little poorer. His father drank, his mother worked technicals in school and in their modest resources, they raised children — Lena older and a year younger Zhenya. They lived for the grandmother, mother, Olga. The yard for a long time there were rumors that the house they are not all right — they say, Grandma always complained that the house was too hosts house. And once told Jack that night suddenly fell shelf in the cupboard and broke all the dishes, but the regiment was not overloaded. Something, apparently, was unhappy with the invisible owner of the apartment.

-Much more of the country we have heard from Eugene, but it somehow did not remember — maybe they did not believe, and can not think that everything will be so serious. But trouble came suddenly: in 1995, doctors discovered a brain tumor Lena — she complained of severe pain. The family got into debt, and although doctors until recently gave hope to do everything possible, Helen died in 1996, she was 17 years old.

That's when the creeping new rumors that, well, it is God Aunt Olya punished because her mother had once charmed her husband, and he of life drank, beat his wife, but could not get away. Olga was a homely looking woman, growing small, plump, and a speech impediment she was — always hoarse voice, as if simply. In principle, and her husband was not a handsome man, but said that she was too fond of him in his youth, that mother and daughter helped: bewitched favorite. Then this no one listened, not before it. But all the neighborhood kids this grandmother feared. It was strange, like myself in mind, and still looks like a witch.

After the death of Lena was not long, and very ill Olga. It is understandable: not for the child to grow to be buried in his youth. She discovered throat cancer, and in 1997, Aunt Olga passed away. Son Jack is very upset at the funeral lost consciousness twice, but eventually recovered and became like the same. By itself, it was fun, the soul of the company, but at the same time a man of character, for himself and for others was always able to stand. The girls already on it went crazy, but …

— It was the summer: hot, bored, who are on the river, who are in the country, and who is at home under the fan from the heat escaped, — continued the story of Natalia. — On the day I was at home, and suddenly opened the call … — Eugene. Entertain me, said money for a ticket to the village. I still do not know why not give, he always gave the debt, and the money I had, but I refused — said that I have not got. As it turned out, he walked half-house, but we all had a strange feeling, and no one gave him money. However, as the saying goes, he who seeks shall find. Found and he left.

The next day, in the evening, neighbors reported that Jack was killed, died of blood loss. At night, he crossed the railway, and he was stuck in the leg direction. He train his leg cut off, and there was no one to provide care … So from the entire extended family was only the head of the family, who eventually got the "new" wife and children.

After this incident, the rumors of fortunetelling reached everyone. All granny from the yard said it was a fee agreement with otherworldly powers.

A Zhenya's grandmother after all this like mad, in her eyes, no one could see, that they were some kind. Of course, many will say that this is just a coincidence, but Natasha says she personally in such coincidences have believed with difficulty: it looked too consistently and mysteriously.

After such a shock they are teenagers, have become more cautious, began to read books about all kinds of divination, harm, evil eye, lapels, omens, etc. And now fate has provided another opportunity to Natalia seriously wonder if she believed in something like that- is nothing but an evil and powerful, there is, or is not it all?

Getting rid of the DAMAGE

This happened in June 1999. Natasha and 8 years was friends with a girl Oksana, but Oksana was two years younger. Every summer girlfriend Oksana went to my grandmother in the village. And in June, they We spent a week there and decided to go to the city of Volga (a village about Meadow Lake just two hours away by bus). In the Volga, they met in the park with two guys, walk with them and agreed to meet next week. Returned to Proleyku and Natasha realized that Oksana one of the guys, Alexander, sunk deep into the soul. He was older than her 4 years — basically normal.

As agreed, a week later they again came to the Volga. Oksana came home, but that his hands were busy carrying the load, and the door had to be open to Natasha, she also became the first. In the evening, meet friends guys and Sasha accidentally spill the beans that he was going to get married on my mother's "tips", but then had a row with the bride and the wedding allegedly went wrong, and his mother well, I really want to marry his son to the girl. On that evening and parted, and the girls are back in the village.

— But then what started it, it had only to see it because of all can not describe, and in many people simply will not believe — she assured me Shomina.

At first it was quite understandable: Oksana was sick all day — well, I think, something poisoned. But when it continued for two days, all this alert: Oksanka absolutely could not take by mouth, not even water. On the third day she was already reeling from hunger, she was all pale, the temperature rose, and the face began to happen at all incredible. First there was some kind of rash, then a kind of acne, and on the fourth day began to grow some bumps, from which the liquid of unknown color and smell, not like pus or blood. Later, they were told that these lumps called clubroot. They appear after the alleged divination.

Now there was no doubt that this damage. In Meadow Proleyke lived a young girl fortune teller friend Oksana. She came in and confirmed Oksana looked bad guesses about spoilage. But said she did, who knows and an urgent need to do something, or else … To eliminate damage, it was necessary to find out where, precisely, from whom "she", the damage came. Sifted all-changed their minds, and only thought of the end of Sasha from the city, or rather, his history with her mother and a frustrated wedding.

It turned out that right! Oksana fortune, girl-witch said the following. Sasha was a "mama's boy" and told her mother about Oksanka, describing even know where she lives. For people who know the city, find the 25th district and a certain house does not take much, and only ask the neighbors about the particular girl at all simple. As shown by the maps, a mother of a messenger tossed something under the door Oksana, and it worked only at her. Therefore, despite the fact that Natasha entered the apartment first, "collect" all over it Oksana. Now it was necessary to get rid of this nightmare with a certain ritual.

— On the advice of a fortune-teller, I went to the store and bought a new knife and handed it to Oksana — recalls Natalia. — He spent the night under her pillow, and in the morning, at dawn, we went with a fortune-teller in a small woods, and found a young aspen, and, sprinkling holy water on the knife and having read some words Oksanka stuck the knife in aspen and left without looking back. Then her smoril sleep, she slept all day and woke up in the evening in a good mood, a good meal, and generally looked a lot better. True, the person goes a long, and sometimes even has a little scar.

After that, the two friends have become more cautious and were forced to believe in the existence of a conspiracy. Now, says Natasha, they Oksanka carefully eyeing the people, and if you notice something is not right, just "run" on them like mad. During this time they read a lot of stories like this, and have heard that people from spoiling even die. And Sasha still married to that particular: probably here without my mother's "help" has not done. But will such a happy family? ..

— Now I am sure that there is something strange and not available to everyone, but only to the elite, — concluded the story of Natasha. — I think that anyone in this situation, too, would have believed in the reality of corruption, charms and other evil actions. Defenses necessary and important, but, unfortunately, we have so few know about all this …

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