Lukashenko advised not to buy dollars

The head of state said that the devaluation of the local currency will not, but it has advised citizens to be careful with the translation into U.S. ashchazhannyav.

On He said, all these rumors provoked "charlatans who aspire to the presidency, and for them, the worse in the country, the better."

Alexander Lukashenko noted that Belarus accumulated sufficient foreign exchange reserves have increased, among other things, the gold reserves. He also warned of a possible fall of the dollar.

"Be careful with the dollar. I have warned you, "- said the Belarusian leader, reporting policy of the United States on the additional issue of dollars.

According to Lukashenko, Belarus' people rushed to buy dollars and carry them to the banks. "

"Keep in mind, you can lose on this dollar. Everyone folds dollar, and you are buying it "- gives utterance Head of State agency "Interfax".


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