Lukashenko and punk culture

In the Serbian press visit by Emir Kusturica in Minsk remained almost unnoticed, except for short-agency communications. Beyond them out unless the article in the online edition of the "E-novine", the contents of which we offer.

Emir Kusturica found love Belarus, "Lukashenko, my Orthodox people"

In these days in Serbia have nowhere to go from Emir Kusturica Niemen. As part of ads [his new biography. — Ed.] Books and inevitable self-promotion or this novaabveshchany Orthodox, who looks at us on all TV screens, have not had time to explain to the public that his group "No Smoking Orchestra" — the immediate successor of "The Clash" and anarchist ideas Monte Paytana as already a day later or earlier in Minsk, Belarus, he expressed admiration for Alexander Lukashenko, saying that he likes his style of government.

How enthusiastically informs RIA Novosti news agency, after a meeting with Alexander Lukashenko, who in December is only the fourth time will be kandydavats the president of Belarus, guitarist of the band "No Smoking Orchestra" Niemen Kusturica said that "the president this country ruled with great respect and original way, "adding that he" likes his style of management. "

Kusturica, who participated in the film festival "Listapad" in Minsk, said that Lukashenko has the support of the people, because they do not allow foreign factor destabilize Belarus: "The system of destruction of small states, which is also called shock therapy exists today. This is when the big corporations will come in some small country and literally swallow it. "

As a thank you to the owner Wet Mountains [Serbian village where Kusturica has a ranch. — Ed.] During the pre-election support, Alexander Lukashenko awarded Kusturica's award for "the preservation and development of the spiritual tradition of cinema" and, of course, immediately invited him to make a film in Belarus.

Large film critic Lukashenko stressed that Kusturica "can not remove a bad movie," adding that his kinatvorchastsyu he "distinguished himself and his country." Also offered him the opportunity to share their experiences with the Belarusian directors. Unknown Nemen Lukashenko offered as a gift some wet mount, but from such a fan of talent for leadership positions could This would be expected.

RIA-Novosti proudly recall that Comrade Nemen last visited Minsk in 2008 with the band "No Smoking Orchestra", the beloved punk band Alexander Lukashenko.

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