Lukashenko has submitted two declarations: on himself and his wife Galina Rodionovna

Information on the income and assets of the presidential candidates will be announced at the time of their registration at the CEC session. It is scheduled for November 18. This was reported by the CEC leadership.

Documents on the income and assets of all 11 potential candidates sent for verification to the competent authorities. While there is no test results, the CEC is not planning to take the wraps off the information. Applicants filed a declaration of income and assets for themselves but also for their wives and adult relatives living with them, a common household. CEC Secretary Nikolai Lozovik said:

Nikolai Lozovik

"Even Mr. Pravalski that is not selected, however, and we are sending it to verify the declaration. It is written in the law. Lukashenko is no exception, and its documents are checked. It would be wrong now to distribute this data — for the reason that we have to to publish audited information. Therefore, when registering on November 18 this information will be made public to all. "

CEC Chairman Lidiya Yarmoshyna also did not report what numbers appear in the declarations of income and property.

"As long as the candidate is not registered, it is a private person., And information about his income should not be published. And if it is registered, we will publish in the media for each of them."

However, Alexander Lukashenko — not just an individual, but also the state. According Yarmoshina, however, "as President, he is not obliged to publish this information." Like, you can not demand it to disclose the fact that it "does not have to disclose."

And what documents are filed, Alexander Lukashenko, in addition to the declaration? At this Lidiya Yarmoshyna said:

Lidiya Yarmoshyna

"He filed a declaration of his wife. As it should."

Reporter: "And who is this?"

Yarmoshyna: "It Galina Lukashenko Radzivonauna."

According to Lydia Yarmoshina, Alexander Lukashenko did not submit the declaration to the mother, because she "seems to be with him, do not live." Also, no returns to his children, because they "live separately, are the individual family, and it no longer required. "

When asked which of the candidates most and who has the lowest incomes, Ms. Yarmoshyna said:

"I do not remember that. But I can say that some of the potential candidates did not have any income."

Reporter: "What, did not submit a declaration?"

Yarmoshyna: "No, they have applied, but it's empty. They have nothing, they do not earn anything."

Lidiya Yarmoshyna also told who these candidates. However, all will be known at the time of registration on November 18. By the way, check the presence of the candidates at the meeting is not required.

During the last election, Alexander Lukashenko has filed the declaration on the mother, wife, mother in law, sons Victor and Dmitry. His declared annual income was more than 59 million rubles.

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