Lukashenko pushes the country into debt

Mr."I appreciate this period is negative. The fact that we are now almost in the same condition as sixteen years ago. Economic reforms have not been carried out, and we have to start again and do what they should have done long ago. "

Mr."Positively. Not destroyed the country — Belarus. This is his most important achievement. "

Mrs."I can not say that we have all that bad. I believe that with the advent of Lukashenko have become better than it was. "

Mr."You can compare prices and quality of life. The purchasing power of what? Prices do these salaries are small. "

Mrs."On the positive side, that there is a certain order and a certain sufficiently strong chain of command. On the other hand, there are also negative things — the lack of democracy and transparency. And now the well-being falls, and a very large gap between the rich and the poor. "

Mr."Why Roma Lukashenko does not take to work? Three weeks of running around to get a job, but no one takes me because I'm a gypsy. I want to be a janitor, and I do not take. "

Mr."In the villages and small towns, let the work, and there is nowhere they work. Nowhere in the townships and towns do not get a job. "

Mrs."Our country has become clearer. Salaries are paid on time, construction is under way. Previously, you had an apartment pavzhytstsya wait. Now, loans, please. "

Mr."We managed to get quite a lot of money from Russia and thus stay on the surface."

Mr."Not really. Driving the country into debt — that is, basically, that's all. Only that the order is more or less on the streets. "

Mr."Poor. People disappear. This worries. "

Mr."The country has destroyed the main constitutional principle — the principle of separation of powers. Lukashenko these sixteen years divide and rule. "

Mr."I consider it a good thing that left the farms and stuff like that. And what with all the swearing, I do not like it. I would like to see foreign relations were the best. "

Mrs."I do not see good results. Done only some geeks. "

Mr."Of all the results alone can be considered positive — that rises hockey. Therefore, it is not necessary to be president, and chairman of the Ice Hockey Federation of the Republic of Belarus. "

Mrs."I like that it is not squandered the country. Factories work, discipline due. In my opinion, the Russians will come to exterminate Belarus. My dream is just that we have teamed up with Lithuania. "


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