Lukashenko: Russia expensive cost

Russia's departure from the traditional ways to export oil and natural gas would cost her more, said Alexander Lukashenko. Lukashenko said Russia's position on the issue of fuel exports is absolutely counterproductive.

"You know perfectly well that construction of the BPS-2 and" Nord Stream "is worth a lot of money. And where to get the money (…) How to" discourage "them, as they say business? They need to be put in the price of oil and gas that will be supplied to Germany "- the head of the designated term of Belarus.

"A departure from the traditional Russian export routes for oil and natural gas — it is more expensive. And I do not think that Russia will throw these oil and gas pipelines, because it would be a great folly," — said Lukashenko.

"The natural gas in the world a huge amount. And it seems to me that the position of" Gazprom "in the sense of increasing the price of natural gas — a disaster for most of" Gazprom "and the whole of Russia, because thus they lose their own markets, "- said in an interview with German journalists his position the head of Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko stressed that Belarus will buy natural gas from Russia. However, at the same time will build terminals for razrezhvanni natural gas. Lukashenko said that on this occasion there are negotiations with Poland.

"As for oil, it is generally not a problem — we will deliver oil of a train that today and done "- quoted Alexander Lukashenko BelTA.

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