Lukashenko: Slavic Bazaar widely opens the doors for a dialogue of cultures

Slavic Bazaar largely determines the development of modern culture. , Said President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on July 8 at the opening of XX International Festival "Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk", BelTA learned from the press service of the Belarusian leader.

"20 years ago in the skies over our Belarus, a new shining star, whose name is" Slavic Bazaar ". Originating as a joint venture in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, a wonderful celebration of creativity soon crossed the border to become an event of global proportions. Was visited by representatives of all generations and all the continents of the earth, "- said the head of state.

"Perhaps, many have forgotten what a difficult path went through the festival. There was a time when all was the question: "To be or not to be" Slavonic Bazaar "? '. They said that for the commercial "success" it has to be moved to the shore of the warm sea "- reminded Alexander Lukashenko.

"Then we said firmly," No, to be the festival. And to be in Belarus. The home of the festival should be Vitebsk Belarus — the cradle of the Slavs, — the President said. — Today, we have every right to say that large-scale forum in Vitebsk largely determines the development of modern culture. Here, not only are the biggest stars of the world of art. Even more gratifying is that hundreds of young artists confidently stepped off the stage of the amphitheater toward this fame and recognition. "

During the festival days, Belarus generously opens his soul to the participants and guests willing to share their history, rich culture and most importantly — the kindness and hospitality. "We are delighted to welcome not only the audience in the room, but a million viewers on TV. People in different parts of the world had the opportunity to get to know and love the Belarusian land, to be our true friends, "- said Alexander Lukashenko.

"I often wonder," Why did our "Slavic Bazaar" is so popular, why is it so valued and loved all over the world? ". I think, first of all, because it does not set any artificial barriers performers, gives everyone the freedom of creativity. Allows you to shine the brightest facets of his talent. There is in respect of national identity of any nation. He is kind, sympathetic, our festival, and always becomes a cozy home for artists and audiences. It is for this and loved it, "- said the head of state.

According to him, the "Slavic Bazaar" very good reputation. "Whatever passion or flared behind the scenes, whatever tastes encountered, estimates have always been honest and objective. The festival never became the scene of a power struggle and scandals. Always will be. It's all sincere and open. This is the image of our festival honored ", — the Belarusian leader.

"He is completely independent from political considerations. From the first day of its existence, it remains true to the main goal — flung open the door for active dialogue of cultures and civilizations. In Vitebsk, found not only artists, but also politicians, diplomats, public figures — the language of art it does not require any translation ", — he said.

Slavic Bazaar has successfully fulfilled the mission of preserving a unified cultural space of the Slavic peoples, said Alexander Lukashenko. The Head of State said: "Our forum has successfully fulfilled the mission of preserving a unified cultural space of the Slavic peoples. It is not by chance that he came on the Belarusian land, which is one of the oldest religious center of the Slavs. "

Alexander Lukashenko has no doubt that "growing up" and improving, our favorite festival tradition and preserve the special charm that will continue to climb. With new directions of art and modern art trends he always expand your horizons and further enlarged scale.

"Of course, remain unchanged, our great love for the art forum and its state support. It is by law is the hallmark of a sovereign and independent Belarus ", — said the President.

He stressed that one of the good customs of the festival was the presentation of a special award "Through art — to peace and understanding." In this anniversary year, it was awarded the famous composer of the USSR People's Artist Igor Luchenok, which the President presented the award.

The Head of State expressed gratitude to the maestro for his talent and dedication to the art.

Alexander Lukashenko also thanked all those who for two decades working in the name of the festival, and each year gives us a unique world of beauty.

The President said: "The best holiday — one that stays with you forever. Let Anniversary "Slavic Bazaar" will be such that everyone wanted to return again and again to Vitebsk. I wish the successful performances, stormy applause and full of rooms, and all of us — bright impressions and high spirits. "

Yanukovych: "Slavic Bazaar" promotes the unity of the peoples

Arts festival "Slavic Bazaar" promotes unity of the peoples, said in welcoming the twentieth Arts Forum President Viktor Yanukovych, which was read at the stage of the Summer Amphitheatre.

Ukrainian head of state praised the organizers of the festival. "Festival in Vitebsk is the best professional achievements of artists from different countries. It opens up new talent and promote friendship between our countries and our peoples, "- said in greeting.

Photo: BELTA

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